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1 day ago
First ever non invasive ultrasonic treatment of calcified cardiac valves in humans published in @CircAHA after many years of research work and collaboration between @CardiaWave and @PhysMedParis @ESPCI_Paris @inserm @cnrs @psl_univ @aphp !
PhysMedParis photo
Circulation @CircAHA
Noninvasive ultrasound therapy was feasible in this small cohort of 10 patients with severe calcified aortic stenosis #AHAJournals @TanterM @EloiMarijon
3 days ago
Our recent paper on connectivity imaging in neonates using fUS has been picked out in the @NatureComms Editors’ Highlights!

Have a look at:

A research at @PhysMedParis supported by @fusimagine and @FondationPremup
3 days ago
Cardiawave a été nominée avec 5 autres startups à rejoindre le programme 'MedTech Innovator 2021 Showcase'. Merci @AngelsSante et @MedTechAwards pour cette opportunité !

#AorticStenosis #HeartValveDisease #FocusedUltrasound #SMEInstrument #Medtech
3 days ago
Combining spatial and temporal resolution with functional ultrasound imaging in NHP research by Julien Claron, Pierre Pouget, @JulieRoyo and colleagues The Supplementary Eye Field Tracks Cognitive Efforts
4 days ago
Interested to learn more about #fUS? Check this new protocol for #fUS imaging in anesthetized and #awake #behaving mice We owe this to @DeffieuxThomas, Sophie Pezet, @ZsoltLenkei, @TanterM, and the team
1 week ago
If you ever wondered how easy #fUSimaging really is, check out this new @JoVEJournal detailed protocol by @PhysMedParis and @Insermu1266 showing 3D activation and connectivity mapping in anesthetized and awake mice, featuring IconeusOne. Video to follow!