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10 hours ago
And a very special thanks to our two co-first authors Marta Mateo and Antoine Bergel @bergel_a who made a fantastic work ! And many thanks to @Iconeus for their unwavering support and commitment to improve functional Ultrasound technology !
10 hours ago
Another hypothesis would be that this decorrelation of the amygdala, coupled with the low amplitude of their vascular activity, could be linked to a defensive mechanism preventing the production of negative emotional content during REMS and preventing its premature termination.
10 hours ago
The global dissociation of the posterior amygdala from the rest of the brain suggests that this brain region undergoes specific processing during REMS and may be linked to the regulation of emotions and the creation of dream content during this very state.
21 hours ago
A new study showing the growing impact of Functional Ultrasound imaging in neuroscience: Thanks to magic Marta Matei, @bergel_a & @PezetSophie, we report a peculiar activation in the posterior amygdala, which is strikingly disconnected from the rest of the brain during REM sleep! PhysMedParis photo
1 week ago
This is just the beginning of the story. For a deeper dive, make sure to check out the full preprint -

1 week ago
An emerging technology, functional ultrasound imaging (fUS), meets many of these attributes (see review - In our current study, we streamed 2 Hz real-time fUS images from the posterior parietal cortex in two monkeys as they made eye movements.

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