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1 day ago
Our new paper with MIckael Tanter just published at PNAS!
Functional imaging evidence for task-induced deactivation and disconnection of a major default mode network hub in the mouse brain
2 days ago
Functional ultrasound connectivity reveals a dynamic signature of chronic pain in arthritic animals ⁦ @SciReports@PhysMedParis@psl_univ⁩ @inserm@ESPCI_Paris⁩ #fusimaging #ultrafast #ultrasound
2 days ago
Happy to share our latest article in Transactions of @IEEE_UFFC_Soc on super-resolution ultrasound flow measruements in suspensions picking up ideas from @TanterM and others! Togehther with @JCzarske
PhysMedParis photo
4 days ago
When Marcus Raichle congratulates for your recent PNAS paper with Mickael Tanter @TanterM , that truly makes your day! PhysMedParis photo
1 week ago
Ultrafast Ultrasound Imaging for Super-Resolution Preclinical Cardiac PET ⁦ @ClinMedJournals⁩ | Collaboration @PhysMedParis@parcc_inserm⁩