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4 days ago
Acoustic biomolecules enhance hemodynamic functional ultrasound imaging of neural activity #bioRxiv
2 weeks ago
New @PhysMedParis publication: Controlled mechanical vibration and impacts on skin biology - Caberlotto - - Skin Research and Technology -
1 month ago
Are #science and innovation our best allies in tackling age-related critical diseases? Prof. @TanterM head of @PhysMedParis @ESPCI_Paris @Inserm and #AXA Chairholder discusses the matter in @AXAResearchFund guide “Silver Age: Aging Better” Read the guide? PhysMedParis photo
1 month ago
Happy National Day, France! ?? Did you know that so far, 1129 ERC grants have been awarded to researchers based in France? Discover their groundbreaking work ➡️ PhysMedParis photo
2 months ago
Depuis quelques jours, nous avons franchi le cap des 10 000 abonnés ! Un grand MERCI à toutes et à tous, on a encore plein d'histoires de #science, de #vieétudiante et d' #innovation à vous raconter ? poke @psl_univ @MCLemardeley @BdE_ESPCI @ESPCI_Alumni #10ans #10000abonnes
2 months ago
New publication : Myocardial Stiffness Evaluation Using Noninvasive Shear Wave Imaging in Healthy and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathic Adults collaboration @PhysMedParis @ESPCI_Paris @inserm @psl_univ @parcc_inserm @APHP