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10 hours ago
One patient suffering from severe symptomatic #AorticStenosis was treated last week in France at the @HopitalPompidou ( @APHP). Congratulations and thanks to Prof. Emmanuel Messas and #HEGP team!

#AorticStenosis #FocusedUltrasound #Noninvasivesurgery #SMEInstrument #RHU_STOPAS
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2 days ago
3/3 Thanks to @mohamednouhoum @TanterM @PezetSophie, Nathalie Ilay-Radio, as well as Jeremy Ferrier, Bruno Osmanski and @iconeus team + CNRS, INSERM, ESPCI-PSL.
2 days ago
2/3 We compared this automated "GoTo"?probe positioning to manual positioning by experts and we evaluated the reproducibility several days apart thanks to ultrafast localization microscopy ?(spoiler : below 100 microns ?).
2 days ago
1/3 Wondering how to improve reproducibility and positioning of functional ultrasound experiments ?
In our last paper, we introduce an automatic brain GPS ?️? for functional imaging/connectivity in multiple, custom, arbitrary imaging planes integrated with brain atlases?
5 days ago
We are thrilled to announce that Ultrafast Localization Microscopy ( #ULM) is now available on Iconeus One!

Dive into the depths of the in vivo brain with more vascular details than ever before ??

Learn more about ULM ➡

#fUS #brain #neuroscience #SfN