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3 days ago
New #PhysMedParis publication: Computationally Efficient Transcranial Ultrasonic Focusing: Taking Advantage of the High Correlation Length of the human skull
1 week ago
@PhysMedParis lab @inserm @ESPCI_Paris @cnrs @psl_univ proud to partner with European academic labs and @Iconeus company for improving the lives of #preterm infants !
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premstem @premstem
#premstem is now online! Visit our new website to learn about our @EU_H2020 project focused on delivering a regenerative therapy to improve the lives of #preterm infants and their families:

#websitelaunch #stemcell #research #neonatal
1 week ago
PREMSTEM is a five-year @EU_H2020 research project bringing together researchers from across the globe to see if stem cells can be used to regenerate the brain damage caused by premature birth. Commenced Jan 2020.

Project media release ➡️

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2 weeks ago
New publication @jf_aubry and @PhysMedParis colleagues : Computationally efficient transcranial ultrasonic focusing: taking advantage of the high correlation length of the human skull - IEEE Journals & Magazine
2 weeks ago
A longstanding collaboration @inserm @ESPCI_Paris @cnrs @psl_univ with @Iconeus to democratize neurofunctional Ultrasound and make it available for the neuroscience community ! Much More to come soon !
Iconeus @iconeus
Transcranial 3D functional ultrasound imaging in mice with auto registration on brain atlas using Iconeus One. More info in our⁩ newsletter with an interview of B. Osmanski CTO of @Iconeus and @TanterM director ⁦ @PhysMedParis⁩ on 3D fUS imaging:
3 weeks ago
We found LIP activity during movement planning that was direction specific. This finding agrees with previous fMRI findings (Kagan PNAS 2010, Wilke PNAS 2012) - but fUS was nearly 10x as sensitive! 7/n PhysMedParis photo