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4 days ago
Speaker FUN 22: Dr. Jean-François Aubry is the Director of Research at France’s National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). @jf_aubry’s interests include transcranial ultrasound stimulation, drug delivery through the blood-brain barrier, and ultrasonic neurosurgery. PhysMedParis photo
4 days ago
From 30 May to 3 June, we participated in #fUSbrain2022 conference, organized by @PhysMedParis and held at @IES_Cargese.

For those who couldn't attend, we summarized some of the highlights ⬇️
4 days ago
Really excited to host the first-ever *ISBUS* at @Caltech later this year.
Join us if you'd like to lear more about how ultrasound can image and control immune cells, neurons, bacteria, etc, deep inside the body.
Grateful for amazing co-organizers and speakers.
4 days ago
Thanks @youennlerb @TerenceExplor @LePourpre @AlexandreDizeux for this great moment ! Really grateful to have brought our ultrasound data into your magnificent project !
6 days ago
And speaking of mind boggling Lagrangian tracking of microbubbles inside brain capillaries, make sure to check out this amazing science-art 🧪🎸collab. between @TanterM @AlexandreDizeu and @youennlerb @TerenceExplor @LePourpre