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  • Fouragnan EF, Chau BKH, Folloni D, Kolling N, Verhagen L, Klein-Flügge M, Tankelevitch L, Papageorgiou GK, Aubry J-F, Sallet J, et al. The macaque anterior cingulate cortex translates counterfactual choice value into actual behavioral change. Nat Neurosci (2019) doi:10.1038/s41593-019-0375-6
  • Papadacci C, Finel V, Villemain O, Goudot G, Provost J, Messas E, Tanter M, Pernot M. 4D simultaneous tissue and blood flow Doppler imaging: revisiting cardiac Doppler index with single heart beat 4D ultrafast echocardiography. Phys Med Biol (2019) 64:85013. doi:10.1088/1361-6560/ab1107
  • Dizeux A, Gesnik M, Ahnine H, Blaize K, Arcizet F, Picaud S, Sahel J-A, Deffieux T, Pouget P, Tanter M. Functional ultrasound imaging of the brain reveals propagation of task-related brain activity in behaving primates. Nat Commun (2019) 10:1400.
  • Demené C, Payen T, Dizeux A, Barrois G, Gennisson J-L, Bridal L, Tanter M. 3-D Longitudinal Imaging of Tumor Angiogenesis in Mice in Vivo Using Ultrafast Doppler Tomography. Ultrasound Med Biol (2019)
  • Hingot V, Errico C, Heiles B, Rahal L, Tanter M, Couture O. Microvascular flow dictates the compromise between spatial resolution and acquisition time in Ultrasound Localization Microscopy. Sci Rep (2019) 9:
  • Goudot G, Mirault T, Rossi A, Zarka S, Albuisson J, Achouh P, Pernot M, Messas E. Segmental aortic stiffness in patients with bicuspid aortic valve compared with first-degree relatives. Heart (2019) 105:130 LP-136.
  • Berthon B, Behaghel A, Mateo P, Dansette P, Favre H, Ialy-Radio N, Tanter M, Pernot M, Provost J. Mapping biological current densities with Ultrafast Acoustoelectric Imaging: application to the beating rat heart. IEEE Trans Med Imaging (2019)1.
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1 day ago
These movies from our paper further illustrate movement's dominance during decision-making. And uninstructed movements matter the most.
4 days ago
Research in primates shows counterfactual thinking is causally related to anterior cingulate cortex and the process can be changed by targeting neurons in this region using low-intensity ultrasound. #Neuroscience #neurotech
4 days ago
The final chapter of our trilogy is out! The first two showed how 40s of repetitive ultrasound can alter deep brain activity for over an hour. This new work reveals how this neural perturbation impacts behaviour: highly specific modulation of decision making processes in ACC.
4 days ago
Soigner les troubles neurologiques grâce aux #ultrasons ? Trois publications
de l'équipe @PhysMedParis avec des chercheurs @UniofOxford et @icm_institute montrent le potentiel des ultrasons en neuromodulation !

? @NatureNeuro
PhysMedParis photo
4 days ago
4D simultaneous tissue and blood flow Doppler imaging: revisiting cardiac Doppler index with single heart beat 4D ultrafast echocardiography via @IOPscience