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2 weeks ago
Glad you like it! We can’t wait to see all the amazing discoveries that’ll be made at @UVMLarnerMed !
2 weeks ago
Today we’re getting trained on the amazing new #fUS system from @iconeus generously provided by @UVMHeartBrain! Functional ultrasound is an amazing tool that will allow @UVMLarnerMed investigators to answer fundamental ?s about cerebral hemodynamics in vivo. PhysMedParis photo
3 weeks ago
👁 La thérapie #sonogénétique ou comment retrouver la vue grâce à des sons ! Voilà l'espoir nourrit par des chercheurs de l' @InstVisionParis
et du @PhysMedParis.
👉 Explication avec le neurologue Gregory Gauvain :
PhysMedParis photo
3 weeks ago
Excited to share our latest preprint on using functional ultrasound imaging (fUSI) to understand how deep brain stimulation (DBS) of the medial septal nucleus (MSN) improves cognitive functions in memory-related diseases, such as schizophrenia.
4 weeks ago
Register Now! For the first ever Panta Rei Symposium on ultrasound neuro-imaging and neuromodulation of the human brain.
With amazing speakers such as @TanterM @gcourtine @LennartVerhagen

🕑14th of September 2023
🗺️ Rotterdam, The Netherlands
PhysMedParis photo