The 2024 William Feindel Lecture awarded to Mickael Tanter in Montreal, Canada

The 2024 William Feindel Lecture awarded to Mickael Tanter in Montreal, Canada

Established in 2008, the mission of the Quebec Bio-imaging Network (QBIN) is to promote and facilitate fruitful collaborations between researchers all over Quebec in order to strengthen and promote the province’s reach and role as a national and international leader in bio-imaging.

Each year, the Network of Biomedical Imaging of QUebec (QBIN) organizes a Scientific Day during which bio-imaging researchers from across Quebec come together to showcase their work and form new collaborations. During the day, the results of projects funded by QBIN are presented and students who have received Training Abroad Scholarships summarize their experiences. Student members also have the opportunity to present their research through poster presentations and several poster prizes are awarded.

In addition to the presentations by QBIN members, two keynote lectures are given by the annual awardees of the William Feindel Lecture and the Rising Star in Bio-imaging in Quebec awards.

The annual William Feindel Lecture honours an established scientist who has made significant contributions to the field of bio-imaging. The William Feindel Lecture takes place at the annual QBIN Scientific Day. This year, the William Feindel distinction was awarded to Mickael Tanter on May 23rd 2024.

Past awardees:

Sandra Black (2023)
Louis Collins (2022)
Paul Thompson (2021)
Hedvig Hricak (2020)
Cheryl Grady (2019)
Heidi Johansen-Berg (2018)
R. Mark Henkelman (2017)
Roger Lecomte (2016)
Bruce Pike (2015)
Alan Evans (2014)
Richard Frackowiak (2013)
Christopher Thompson (2012)
Terry Peters (2011)
Douglas Arnold (2010)
Paul Matthews (2009)
Karl Zilles (2007*)
Marcus Raichle (2006*)

If you are interested to learn more about the career and , Mickael Tanter gave a one-hour interview to Daniel O’Sullivan. Here is the PodCast:

A Conversation with Mickael Tanter By Daniel O’Sullivan