Transport Phenomena


Course notes (adapted from M. Fermigier):

Transport equations: Heat and Mass balances


Problems sets

1. From Brownian motion to transport equations

Lecture notes

2. Solving transport equations (simple situations) #1

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3. Solving transport equations (simple situations) #2

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A cool video misconceptions about temperature from Veritasium channel:

4-5. Forced convection: convection vs. diffusion

Last part on champagne bubble based of the article « Kinetics of gas discharging in a glass of champagne: the role of nucleation sites » from G. Liger-Belair et al., Langmuir (2002)

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6. Natural convection
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Visualization of the thermal heat plume emanating from a human being through « schlieren » optical technique

7. Natural convection & Convective instabilities
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Dissolution of a lollipop in water

Démonstration of Rayleigh-Bénard instability


8. Radiative transfer & 9. Thermal imaging
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A great experimental conference on Thermal Imaging by Jean-Michel Courty & Edouard Kierlik (in French)


10. Some illustrations  of different transport processes (with solution)


Exam 2023 (with solution)

Exam 2024 (with solution)



Did you ever wonder why do penguin feet do not freeze? Thanks to counter current heat exchange!

A nice web page from here