Transport Phenomena


Course notes (adapted from M. Fermigier):

  1. Transport equations: Heat and Mass balances

Problems sets

  1. 1. From Brownian motion to Heat and Mass transport equations
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  3. 2. Simple heat & mass transport problems
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  5. 3. Simple heat & mass transport problems (follow-up)
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A cool video on temperature feeling from Veritasium channel:

4. Forced convection: convection vs. diffusion
Lecture notes

Did you ever wonder why do penguin feet do not freeze? Thanks to counter current heat exchange!

A nice web page from here

Very good illustration of Taylor-Aris dispersion of a solute in a Poiseuille flow

5. Forced convection: Nusselt number
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6. Natural convection
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Visualization of the thermal heat plume emanating from a human being through « schlieren » optical technique

7. Natural convection 2
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Démonstration of Rayleigh-Bénard instability

Dissolution of a lollipop in water

8. Radiative transfer
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9. Thermal imaging
Lecture notes

A great experimental conference on Thermal Imaging by Jean-Michel Courty & Edouard Kierlik (in French)

10. Calefaction
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Exam 2023 (with solution)