List of Publications

36 – Viscoelastic dynamics of a soft strip subject to a large deformation
A. Delory, D.A. Kiefer, M. Lanoy, A. Eddi, C. Prada and F. Lemoult
Soft Matter, 2024

35 – Guided elastic waves in a highly-stretched soft plate
A. Delory, F. Lemoult, A. Eddi and C. Prada
Extreme Mechanics Letters, 61, 102018 (2023)

34 – Soft elastomers : A playground for guided waves
A. Delory, F. Lemoult, M. Lanoy,  A. Eddi and C. Prada
JASA, 151 (5), 3343-3358 (2022)

33 – Experimental Implementation of Wave Propagation in Disordered Time-Varying Media
B. Apffel, S. Wildeman, A. Eddi and E. Fort
PRL, 128, 094503 (2022)

32 – Liquid walls and interfaces in arbitrary directions stabilized by vibrations
B. Apffel, S. Hidalgo-Caballero, A. Eddi and E. Fort
PNAS, 118 (48), e2111214118 (2021)

31 – Miroirs temporels instantanés : une nouvelle approche du retournement temporel
A. Eddi and E. Fort.
Reflets de la physique, 69, 28-33 (2020)

30 – Dirac cones and chiral selection of elastic waves in a soft strip
M. Lanoy, F. Lemoult, A. Eddi and C. Prada
PNAS, 117 (48), 30186-30190 (2020)

29 –  Floating under a levitating liquid
B. Apffel, F. Novkoski, A. Eddi and E. Fort
Nature, 585, 48-52 (2020)

28 – Experimental teaching — A tribute to Yves Couder by the example: stroboscopy and fluorescence lifetime with a fan
A. Eddi, P. Baconnier, M. Blons, S. Pautrel, S. Protière and E. Fort
Comptes Rendus. Mécanique, 348, 6-7, 439-445 (2020)

27 – Artificial resonant crystals for hydroelastic waves.
L. Domino, M. Fermigier and A. Eddi,
Appl. Phys. Lett., 117, 063701 (2020)
preprint supplementary

26 – Probing Floquet modes in a time periodic system with time defects using Faraday instability
G. d’Hardemare, A. Eddi and E. Fort,
EPL 131, 24007 (2020)

25 – How capillarity affects the propagation of elastic waves in soft gels
P. Chantelot, L. Domino and A. Eddi
Phys. Rev. E, 101, 032609 (2020)

24 – Formation of vase-shaped drops
M. Coux, P. Chantelot, L. Domino, C. Clanet, A. Eddi and D. Quéré
Phys. Rev. Fluids, 5, 033609 (2020)

23 – Phase-conjugate mirror for water waves driven by the Faraday instability
V. Bacot, G. Durey, A. Eddi, M. Fink and E. Fort
PNAS, 116 (18), 8809-8814 (2019)

22 – Space-Time folding of the Wake Produced by a Supervelocity Rotating Point Source
G. d’Hardemare, S. Wildeman, A. Eddi and E. Fort
Phys. Rev. Lett., 112, 104301 (2019)

21 – Peeling an elastic film from a soft viscoelastic adhesive: experiments and scaling laws
H. Perrin, A. Eddi, S. Karpitschka, J.H. Snoeijer and B. Andreotti
Soft Matter 15, 770 (2019)

20 – Kicked drops
P. Chantelot, M. Coux, L. Domino, B. Pype, C. Clanet, A. Eddi and D. Quéré
Phys. Rev. Fluids, 3, 100503 (2018)

19 – Dispersion free control of hydroelastic waves down to sub-wavelength scale
L. Domino, M. Fermigier, E. Fort and A. Eddi
EPL, 121, 14001 (2018)

18 – Faraday wave lattice as an elastic metamaterial
L. Domino, M. Tarpin, S. Patinet and A. Eddi
Phys. Rev. E, 93, 050202(R) (2016)

17 – Time reversal and holography with spacetime transformations
V. Bacot, M. Labousse, A. Eddi, M. Fink and E. Fort
Nature Physics, 12, 972 (2016)

16 – Experimental demonstration of epsilon-near-zero water waves focusing
T. Bobinski, A. Eddi, P. Petitjeans, A. Maurel and V. Pagneux
Appl. Phys. Lett., 107, 014101 (2015)

15 – Marangoni spreading due to a localized alcohol supply on a thin water film
J.F. Hernandez-Sanchez, A. Eddi and J.H. Snoeijer
Phys. Fluids, 27, 032003 (2015)

14 – Interaction of two walkers: Wave-mediated energy and force
C. Borghesi, J. Moukhtar, M. Labousse, A. Eddi, E. Fort and Y. Couder
Phys. Rev. E, 90, 063017 (2014)

13 – Universal spreading of water drops on complex surfaces
B.B.J. Stapelbroek, H.P. Jansen, E.S. Kooij, J.H. Snoeijer and A. Eddi,
Soft Matter, 10, 2641 (2014)

12 – How geometry determines the coalescence of water drops
A. Eddi, K.G. Winkels and J.H. Snoeijer,
Phys. Rev. Lett., 111, 144502 (2013)

11 – Short times behaviour of spreading viscous drops
A. Eddi, K.G. Winkels and J.H. Snoeijer,
Phys. Fluids, 25, 013102 (2013)

10 – Symmetric and Asymmetric Coalescence of Drops on a Substrate
J.F. Hernandez-Sanchez, L.A. Lubbers, A. Eddi and J.H. Snoeijer,
Phys. Rev. Lett., 109, 184502 (2012)

9 – Level splitting at macroscopic scale
A. Eddi, J. Moukhtar, S. Perrard, E. Fort and Y. Couder,
Phys. Rev. Lett., 108, 264503 (2012)

8 – Universal spreading dynamics of liquid drops on partially wetting surfaces
K.G. Winkels, J.H. Weijs, A. Eddi and J. H. Snoeijer,
Phys. Rev. E, 85, 055301(R) (2012)

7 – Information stored in Faraday waves: the origin of a path-memory
A. Eddi, E. Sultan, J. Moukhtar, E. Fort, M. Rossi and Y. Couder,
J. Fluid Mech., 674, 433-463 (2011)

6 – Oscillating instability in bouncing droplet crystals
A. Eddi, A. Boudaoud and Y. Couder,
EPL, 94, 20004 (2011)

5 – Path-memory induced quantization of classical orbits
E. Fort, A. Eddi, J. Moukhtar, A. Boudaoud and Y. Couder,
PNAS, 107, 41,17515-17520 (2010)

4 – Archimedean lattices in the bound states of wave interactiong particles
A. Eddi, A. Decelle, E. Fort and Y. Couder,
EPL, 87, 56002 (2009)

3 – Unpredictable tunneling of a classical wave-particle association
A. Eddi, E. Fort, F. Moisy and Y. Couder,
Phys. Rev. Lett., 102, 240401 (2009)

2 – Wave propelled ratchets and drifting rafts
A. Eddi, D. Terwagne, E. Fort and Y. Couder,
EPL, 82, 44001 (2008)

1 – Spiral patterns in the packing of flexible structure
L. Boué, M. Adda-Bedia, A. Boudaoud, D. Cassani, Y. Couder, A. Eddi and M. Trejo,
Phys. Rev. Lett., 97, 166104 (2006)


Experimental approaches of wave control: From water waves to elastic waves in soft solids, Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches, Sorbonne Université, 2021. PDF

Marcheurs, Dualité Onde-Particule et Mémoire de chemin, PhD Thesis, Université Paris Diderot, 2011.