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Outreach: Physics of Toys (Dec 2, 2023)

The IOP are organising a family-friendly outreach event focused on the Physics of Toys. On Friday 2nd December (5-6:30pm, GMT) celebrated soft matter scientists will be revealing the secrets of:  

  • the physics of poppits & jumping poppers (Prof Dominic Vella, Oxford)
  • the science of slime and stretchy arms (Prof Anke Lindner, ESPCI)
  • hidden toys in everyday life (Prof José Bico, ESPCI)

Aimed at toy enthusiasts of any age and conducted in a hybrid format both in-person and streaming live online. Please register here to sign up for the event and find out more:

Kind regards,

Finn Box
(Royal Society University Research Fellow & Chair of the IOP’s Nonlinear & Complex Physics Group)

Postdoc Control of reaction diffusion convection fronts (ULB, Bruxelles)

Dear colleagues,  

Within the CREDI project, the Nonlinear Physical Chemistry Unit of the Université libre de Bruxelles invites applications for one postdoc fellowship to begin in January 2023.

CREDI (“Control of reaction-diffusion-convection fronts for environmental purposes”) is a research project aiming to characterize and control the properties of reaction-diffusion-convection fronts to optimize their efficiency in terms of environmental gain. 

Please find more information on the fellowship in the attached files.


Anne De Wit and Laurence Rongy

Trois postes de MCF (Sorbonne Université, d’Alembert)

Trois postes de Maître·sse·s de Conférences  Sorbonne Université à profils très larges à ∂’Alembert 




Assistant Professor in Fluid Dynamics and Sustainability (University of Cambridge)

Applications are invited for an Assistant Professorship in Fluid Dynamics and Sustainability in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) at the University of Cambridge, to commence on 1 October 2023. This is a linked post, to be held in conjunction with a Fellowship at Corpus Christi College.

Interested candidates and invited to read the details at:

EGU Geomorphology session (April 23-28 2023, Vienna)

Dear colleagues,

Please consider submitting an abstract to ‘From simple models to complex geomorphological systems: laboratory experiments and associated concept models’ in the Geomorphology section at EGU 2023 (23-28 April, Vienna and online) by January 10th. Below is the session description and a poster. We strongly encourage submissions from early career and underrepresented scientists.

The Earth’s surface is shaped by many processes occurring over a wide range of time and length scales, all of which are interdependent with each other. Unravelling this complex system is challenging, especially because of the wide range of scales involved, which makes observation difficult. Therefore, the use of simplified and controlled experiments is widely used to probe isolated processes or their interactions. Careful selection of experimental parameters allows the relevant space-time scales to be tuned to facilitate observation. Similarly, it allows to control the specific mechanisms to be included. After understanding the predominant mechanisms, it is possible to gradually increase the complexity of the experimental system to reduce the gap between the model and the natural system.

This session aims to bring together researchers from different communities working experimentally on various systems to facilitate knowledge exchange on experimental methods, measurement and data processing, and the fundamental processes ubiquitous in geomorphological systems.

We especially welcome contributions about systems involving fluid mechanics and/or granular flows, such as but not limited to:
– fluvial and coastal systems

– aeolian processes and arid environments
– systems associated with melting, dissolution and precipitation
– gravity-driven flows

Pauline Delorme, University of Hull
Cyril Gadal, Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse
Anne Baar, University of Hull
Andrew Gunn, Monash University

Postdoc 3D mechanics of cells in complex fibrous media (LIPhy, 3SR, Grenoble)

Dear Colleagues,

Please find attached an open postdoc position at LIPhy, in collaboration with 3SR Lab. in Grenoble to work on cell mechanics in fibrous media.
The post-doctoral fellowship offer is available from February 2023 for a period of 16 months.
Deadline for applications is December 31.

Best regards,


Mehdi Bouzid,

CNRS Research scientist,
CNRS – Univ. Grenoble Alpes
Laboratoire Sols-Solides-Structures-Risques (3SR)
BP 53 – Domaine Universitaire
38041 GRENOBLE Cedex 9

Postdoc vibrating wings of a nanodrone at BIOMIM (PMMH, ESPCI)

A 12-month postdoctoral position is open at laboratoire PMMH, ESPCI Paris with the goal of examining the flow structures produced by the vibrating wings of a nanodrone, using particle image velocimetry (PIV). More info in the document below.

R.Godoy-Diana & B.Thiria

Workshop Physics and biology of plant growth (Jan 30-Feb 2 2023, Ein Gedi, Israel)

The growing plant is a fascinating system involving multiple fields. Biologically, it is a multi-cellular system controlled by complex bio-chemical networks. Physically, it is an example of an « active solid » – an extended solid system, whose element (cells) are active, performing mechanical work to drive the evolving geometry. Computationally, it acts as a distributed system, processing a multitude of local inputs into a coordinated developmental response. The goal of this meeting is to provide a rare opportunity to bring together researchers from these different but complementary disciplines, and study the plant as a living, information-processing organism, which uses physical laws and biological mechanisms to alter its own shape, and negotiate its environment.

Info and registration:

Workshop Designing soft matter in and out of equilibrium (Jan 30-Feb 3 2023, Leiden)

We would like to invite you to our workshop:

Designing soft matter in and out of equilibrium
30 January – 3 February 2023
Lorentz Center, Leiden, The Netherlands

More information about the program is available here:
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in attending.

Prof. Marjolein Dijkstra (Utrecht University)
Prof. Thomas M. Truskett (University of Texas at Austin)
Dr. Alberto Pérez de Alba Ortíz (Utrecht University)

Workshop Grandes transformations (Aussois, Jan23-Jan27 2023)

Le colloque Aussois 2023 de l’Association MECAMAT a pour thème :
Grandes transformations : aujourd’hui… demain

Le colloque se tiendra du 23 au 27 Janvier 2023 au Centre CNRS Paul Langevin à Aussois.
Les informations relatives au colloque sont disponibles sur notre site : avec un programme alléchant ! (

La date limite d’inscription est fixée au 31 Octobre 2022