Postdoc Dynamic and stability of superhydrophobic surfaces (MSC, Paris)

Superhydrophobic surfaces (SHS) are bioinspired surfaces (from lotus leaves) able to repel
water through the synergy of microroughness and hydrophobicity. When immersed in water,
such surfaces can trap an air layer inside the microstructure, a layer called plastron, opening
the avenue for drag reduction application thanks to the significant slip length water
experiences on the plastron. However, this air layer can become unstable under pressure
fluctuations or in turbulent flow conditions. Indeed, under strong enough mechanical stress,
the microstructure can be flooded, i.e. superhydrophobicity breaks down, and the drag
reduction properties are lost.

The aim of this postdoc is to elucidate the dynamical conditions under which a plastron
becomes unstable. This study is part of a bigger project (ANR IDEFHYX) which aims at
understanding the coupling between turbulent flow and plastron dynamic.

We are looking for an experimentalist with a fluid mechanics background (capillarity,
instability, waves,…). The postdoc will build the different setups which require experimental
skills in high speed imaging, light interferometry and electronic equipment.

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