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postdoc statphys of active/driven matter (DAMTP, Cambridge, UK)

Two postdoc vacancies in statphys of active/driven matter at DAMTP, Cambridge, UK

We are currently seeking two Postdoctoral Research Associates in the 
Soft Matter Group in Cambridge’s Department of Applied Mathematics 
and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) to work on Statistical Physics of Active 
and/or Driven Matter.

From: Mike Cates <>


postdoc limitation du gonflement crystallin des argiles (laboratoire Navier)

Voici une offre de postdoc au Laboratoire Navier (Ecole des Ponts ParisTech) sur la limitation du gonflement crystallin des argiles. C’est un sujet à l’interface entre la physique des milieux poreux adsorbants et la mécanique.


Postdoc « Modeling extruded polyolefin foaming », MINES ParisTech – CEMEF ( Sophia Antipolis)

Pourriez-vous SVP rediffuser cette année pour un post-doc chez nous?
Postdoc  » Modeling extruded polyolefin foaming » at MINES ParisTech – CEMEF ( Sophia Antipolis)

Annonce en pdf

Merci pour aide.
Bien cordialement.



CS10207 – F-06904 Sophia Antipolis cedex
 Tél: 04 93 95 75 89

postdoc Dissipative and Active Metamaterials (U.Amsterdam)

————————–Dear colleagues, 
I would like to advertise openings for Postdoc position my group ( at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, funded by an ERC Starting grant in the area of « Dissipative and Active Metamaterials”.

Further details about the position and the application procedure can be found at this link for the postdoc opening

I would be most indebted if you could forward this email to excellent and highly motivated potential candidates.
Kind regards,
Corentin Coulais


postdoc « Biomimetic Soft Robotics to study the Biomechanics of Swallowing » (UMR SayFood)


Postdoctoral position at the Institute for Complex Systems CNR, Rome (Italy)

Postdoctoral position at the Institute for Complex Systems CNR, Rome (Italy)

The ideal training is in statistical physics. The research will focus on theoretical and computational modeling in the field of granular and active matter and stochastic thermodynamics, within the research project « Coarse-grained description for non-equilibrium systems and transport phenomena (CO-NEST) ».

The position is for one year with automatic renewal for a second year following satisfactory progress, starting before August 2020.

Interested candidates should send their CV to by the end of March.


Post-doc positions (fluid mechanics and biophysics) at University of Oslo

Post-doc positions are open at the University of Oslo, Department of Mathematics in the fields of fluid mechanics, biophysics and soft matter physics. These positions may allow us to define projects without being limited to pre-existing projects. Several additional positions about droplet elastohydrodynamics (experimental and simulations) will open up in the spring.

Post-doc: Fluid mechanics:


Candidates are urged to contact me for additional information and details about the application procedure.

With best regards
Andreas Carlson
Associate Professor 
Department of Mathematics 
University of Oslo

Phone: (+47) 228-57223
Skype: carlsona


postdoc Water and aqueous salt solutions under extreme conditions: viscosity and vibrational spectroscopy (ILM-Lyon)

Post-doctoral research position at the University of Lyon, France
« Water and aqueous salt solutions under extreme conditions: viscosity and vibrational spectroscopy »

Frédéric Caupin (Institute of Light and Matter, ILM) and Isabelle Daniel (Laboratoire de Géologie de Lyon, LGL-TPE) are opening a post-doctoral research position in the frame of the project H2D2OX « Light water, heavy water, and sodium chloride aqueous solutions under extreme conditions to shed light on water anomalies and structural properties » funded by the French ANR and German DFG for the period 2020-2023.Start date: fall 2020; Duration: initial appointment is 15 months, renewable once. Review of applications will begin on 16 March 2020 and will continue until the position is filled. Net salary: starting from 2000 €/month depending on experience.

Brief description of the research: implementing a novel method for measuring viscosity of water and aqueous solutions under high pressure (e.g. in a diamond anvil cell), and performing complementary Raman spectroscopy. Full description available here.



Postdoc « Modeling extruded polyolefin foaming » (CEMEF)

Sujet: Modeling extruded polyolefin foaming
Localisation MINES ParisTech – CEMEF, UMR CNRS 7635
Collaboration avec TOTAL.


postdoc Inertial wave turbulence in rotating fluids (FAST)

Two-year post-doc position on inertial wave turbulence in rotating fluids
at Laboratoire FAST at Université Paris-Saclay, France

Please find more information here: