Euromech Colloquium Suspension flows and rheology (Nice, June 26-30 2023)

Please find below the announcement of our Euromech Colloquium: 
« Suspension flows and rheology: inertia, shape and roughness matter »to be held in Nice (France), from June 26th to 30th, 2023.

Full information about the colloquium is on:

The abstract submission is now open (

The format of the symposium is set to welcome ~80 participants for a single-session in-person meeting. 

We are pleased to announce the following lecturers:

Invited Speakers

  • Anke Lindner (PMMH, Paris, France)
    Suspensions of elongated particles : from flexible fibers to bacteria
  • George Petekidis (Dept. of Materials Science & Technology, Univ. of Crete, Greece)
    Tuning and training of colloidal gels by external fields: Inducing memory and manipulating properties
  • Corinna Maas (TNW, Univ. Twente, Netherlands)
    Collective effects in active emulsions

Keynote Speakers

  • Bloen Metzger (IUSTI, Marseille, France)
    A new osmotic-like rheometer reveals the dual rheology of shear thickening suspensions
  • Ganesh Subramanian (JNCASR, Bangalore, India)
    Rheology and dynamics of dilute inertial suspensions
  • Emmanuela del Gado (Georgetown Univ., USA)
    Flow induced rigidity percolation in shear thickening suspensions 
  • Simon Mendez (IMAG, Montpellier, France)
    Simulation of flows of deformable red blood cells: a challenge in modeling, numerics and physics
  • Ryohei Seto (Wenzhou Institute, China)
    Pressure-driven flows of frictional dense suspensions: migration, jammed plug, and diffusion
  • Francesco Bonacci (PMMH, Paris, France)
    Contact drives mechanical ageing in dense and attractive colloidal suspensions

We will be happy to welcome you in Château Valrose in Nice. Please, submit an abstract before March, 25th.

On the behalf of the organizing committee,
Eric Climent (IMFT), Elisabeth Lemaire (InPhyNi), Eric Keaveny (Imperial College) & Micheline Abbas (LGC)

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