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World Tribology Congress (WTC) Lyon, September 2021: extended deadline 30/11/2020

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Workshop on Micromechanics, Statistics, and Hazards of Mechanical Failure, October 19-22, 2020

Workshop on Micromechanics, Statistics, and Hazards of Mechanical Failure, October 19-22, 2020

The interdisciplinary Workshop on Micromechanics, Statistics, and 
Hazards of Mechanical Failure (October 19-22, 2020) aims to establish 
a common understanding of the theoretical foundations and the practical 
characterization of avalanche phenomena and precursors to failure in 
mechanical systems, stimulating new interdisciplinary collaborations across 
different areas and contexts. List of speakers, schedule and info: Free registration:
Event organized by Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (CRM) and sponsored by the AXA Research Fund.


APS March Meeting (deadline for abstract 23rd oct.)

Plusieurs sessions à signaler (liste non exhaustive)…

  • Geometrically-frustrated instabilities in solid mechanics” (D.Vella & B. Davidovitch) to take place at the APS March meeting 2021. (As you may know, March meeting will take place virtually from March 15-19 2021.)
    The invited speakers are Hillel Aharoni (Weizmann) and Shankar Venkataramani (U. of Arizona).
    If you would like to contribute an abstract, please do so, but we would also be grateful if you could encourage students and post-docs who might be interested too.
    The deadline for abstract submission is this coming Friday (23rd October) and the details of how to submit one are here.
  • « Wetting and Adhesion of Soft Materials: Dynamics and Instability » (J.Chopin) organizing as part of the next virtual APS March meeting, March 15-19. The invited speaker is Etienne Barthel from ESPCI Paris. Deadline to submit an abstract : this Friday, 23rd October.Submit your abstract here


7th World Tribology Congress Lyon, September 2021: registration is now open!



Journée Systèmes & Matière Complexes (16 nov 2020)

Cher(e) collègue,

La 5ème édition de la journée Systèmes & Matière Complexes aura lieu le 16 Novembre 2020

Du fait du contexte sanitaire, cette journée se déroulera exclusivement en distanciel.

Comme les éditions précédentes, cette journée se déroulera en quatre sessions de présentations courtes de 4 min + 1 min de questions (trois planches maximum). Chacune de ces sessions sera précédée d’une conférence. Les orateurs invités pour cette cinquième édition sont :

François Boué, Université Paris Saclay

Francesca Chilla, ENS de Lyon,

Thibault Charpentier, Université Paris-Saclay,

Simona Cocco, ENS de Paris

L’objectif de cette journée est de permettre à la communauté systèmes & matière complexes de se rencontrer et d’échanger autour de ses thèmes de recherche qui sont, au sens large :

·      les systèmes désordonnés,

·      les fluides complexes,

·      la dynamique complexe,

·      les approches statistiques,

·      les matériaux multi-échelle,

·      les systèmes biologiques.

Une annonce ultérieure précisera le site d’inscription pour cette rencontre gratuite mais à inscription obligatoire

Nous demandons aux destinataires de ce mail de diffuser largement l’information dans leur laboratoire et plus largement à tout public intéressé.

Merci d’avance de votre aide.

Bien cordialement

Le comité d’organisation : H. Auradou, G. Baldinozzi, D. Bonamy, C. Douarche, P. Guenoun, H. Henry, M. Lebental, L.T. Lee, A. Rosso, P. Urbani


Winter school « New Challenges in Turbulence Research VI », Les Houches, February 2021

Dear colleagues

We want to bring to your attention the international winter school « New Challenges in Turbulence Research VI » that will be held at the Ecole de Physiques des Houches from Feb 7th to 12th, 2021:

Since its first edition, the school « New Challenges in Turbulence Research » aims to present in the format of pedagogical and high level lectures some of the recent advances and current questions in turbulence research in various fields. This session will focus on the transition to turbulence, the statistical physics and dynamics of large scales, atmospheric turbulence and Lagrangian turbulence. The school aims at PhD students and young and confirmed scientists seeking to deepen their knowledge in turbulence.

The program and the list of speakers can be found on the school website:

Registrations are open:

Yours sincerely

Gautier Verhille, Pierre-Philippe Cortet, Mathieu Gibert, Mickael Bourgoin


Powders and Grains 2021, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 5-9 July 2021  

Paper Submission is open !
P&G is to share the state of the art in the physics and micromechanics of 
granular media. P&G distinguishes itself from other meetings on granular 
materials by: (a) the mixture of disciplines, (b) single session talks, and (c) 
refereed conference papers published online before the meeting. Past meetings: 
Clermont-Ferrand (1989), Birmingham (1993), Durham (1997), Sendai (2001), 
Stuttgart (2005), Golden (2009), Sydney (2013) and Montpellier (2017).


Monthly seminar Statistical and Nonlinear Physics (GSNP) of the APS

klogW (k-log-double-u) a monthly virtual seminar series launched by 
the topical group on Statistical and Nonlinear Physics (GSNP) of the APS

In order to keep our community together and to use the virtual format as an opportunity to reach out to even more people around the world. 

Confirmed speakers so far include S. Ramaswamy (Bangalore), N. Goldenfeld (UIUC) and T. Liverpool (Bristol).

Inaugural Seminar: A. Liu (University of Pennsylvania), 
Doing « Statistical Mechanics » with Big Data, Monday August 3rd at 12pm (EST)

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SCS webinar series: Nonlinear/Statistical/Complex/Soft-Matter.

The webinars will start on July 14th and we have already secured Sid Nagel, 
Mehran Kardar, David Nelson, David Pine, Tom Lubensky, Bernard Derrida, 
and Chris Jarzynski. 

To receive regular information on the webinars please 
register at  where you can also find 
details about future talks


Online seminars at LMS, Ecole Polytechnique – Youtube Channel

Upcoming seminars:
LMS seminars will recommence in fall 2020.

YouTube channel entitled « LMS Seminars« :
The recording of a seminar will be uploaded on this channel within a few days after the seminar is held.
Below are the links to the previously recorded seminars:

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Since April 2020, we have been live telecasting our weekly seminars. Up-to-date information on all seminars (including abstract and biography of the speaker) and links to join them can be found in our publicly shared google calendar:

Twitter account:@LmsSeminars

You can also follow the lms seminars via our Twitter account:@LmsSeminars (
We will regularly post updates of our seminars, links to the live telecast and links to the YouTube videos of past seminars via this handle.

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Organised by
Manas V. Upadhyay
Assistant Professor

Solid Mechanics Laboratory (LMS)
Department of Mechanics, Ecole Polytechnique
Route de Saclay
91128 Palaiseau Cedex