Interference model for an array of wave-energy-absorbing flexible structures

C. Nové-Josserand, R. Godoy-Diana, & B. Thiria
Physical Review Applied 11, 034054 (2019)

Considerable work has been undertaken for the improvement of wave-energy converters and array design. It has recently been suggested that by extracting wave energy, these farms could also serve to protect shorelines from wave damage. The present work focuses on the local effects of wave-structure interactions within an array of oscillating absorbers to optimize global effects, such as reflection, damping, and energy absorption. We use a model system of flexible blades, subjected to monochromatic waves, and develop a simplified one-dimensional model to predict optimal configurations, depending on various parameters, which include the number of blades, their spacing, and their flexibility. Optimal configurations are found to be close to regular patterns, and the impact of array configurations is shown to be limited regarding wave dissipation, mainly due to a competition between reflection and absorption.