ESPCI proposes a brand new international doctoral programme – UPtoPARIS: More info here: https://www.upto.paris/-upTo-paris-.html

The first call closes on February 28th, 2018. Our project on bio-inspired wave-energy conversion is one of the projects selected (project page here).

Bio-inspired elastic structures for ocean wave energy conversion

The purpose of this project is to study a surface wave absorbing system with potential for both coastal erosion control and renewable energy production. The system is inspired by the fluid flow calming effects of aquatic vegetation in near-shore and riverine environments. The system consists of an ensemble of flexible slender structures mimicking an underwater canopy whose collective dynamics is forced by the action of the waves. The reconfiguration of slender structures by their interaction with an external flow has been a vibrant subject of research in the past decade, and applications abound in this archetype of interdisciplinary subject where biology, physics and engineering meet. Continue reading “UPtoPARIS”