IRP IVMF Meeting 2022

A general meeting to discuss advances and future projects of our IRP IVMF will take place on October 31st, 2022 in a hybrid format. In person at the Facultad de Ingeniería de la Universidad de Buenos Aires (FI-UBA), aula 319, and also online for those connecting from France. The time table in the following are in Argentina Standard Time from 9am to 1pm, which corresponds to Central European Time from 1 to 5pm.

December 3, 2021: Lucas Pavlov’s PhD defense

Congratulations Lucas for a brilliant dissertation!


L. Pavlov, M. V. d’Angelo, M. Cachile, V. Roig, & P. Ern, Kinematics of a bubble freely rising in a thin-gap cell with additional in-plane confinement. Physical Review Fluids, 6(9), 093605 (2021).

L. Pavlov, S. Cazin, P. Ern and V. Roig, Exploration by Shake-the-Box technique of the 3D perturbation induced by a bubble rising in a thin-gap cell, Exp. in Fluids 62, 22 (2021).

Vortices generated behind an ascending bubble in a confined cell with passive forcing through the walls.

IRP IVMF Online Meeting 2020

Wednesday October 14, 2020

10:00/15:00  Encuentro y palabras Iniciales

10:10/15:10 Mario Cachile
Bubbles in confined geometries

10:30/15:30 Alejandro A. García
Instability of concentrated particle suspensions in oscillatory channel flow

10:50/15:50 Samantha Kucher
Propagative oscillons in a parametrically forced system

11:10/16:10 Luc Oger
Observation of the granular flows under wet conditions or outside a silo

11:30/16:30 Juan D’Adamo
Kinematics & aerodynamics on flapping foils

11:50/16:50  Perspectivas