Mariana Tasso

TASSO Mariana

Postdoctoral Researcher

Phone: (33)(0)1 40 79 44 82
Fax: (33)(0)1 40 79
47 44  







Research topic

Biofunctionalization of quantum dot nanoparticles for specific recognition and imaging of biological targets


Professional experience

2010 – 2012:   Postdoctoral Research Associate

Northeastern University – Microfluidics Lab; PI Dr. Shashi K. Murthy (Boston, USA)

2010:   Research Assistant

Lausitz University of Applied Sciences – Laboratory of Biopolymers; PI Dr. Katrin Salchert (Senftenberg, Germany)

2002 – 2005:   R&D Scientist

TENARIS Industrial Research Center – PI Dr. Hugo Ernst (Buenos Aires, Argentina)



2001 – 2003:   Teaching Assistant in Mathematics II and Applied Chemistry

National University of Technology (Buenos Aires, Argentina)



2006 – 2010:   Ph.D. Student

Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden – Max Bergmann Center of Biomaterials; PI Dr. Carsten Werner (Dresden, Germany);   Thesis title: Bioactive coatings for the control of cell adhesion

2001 – 2003:   Master in Processing Techniques of Plastic Materials

University of San Martín (Buenos Aires, Argentina);    Master thesis title: “Polyoxymethylene tubes: production and characterization” (April 2004)

1998 – 2002:   Materials Engineering

University of San Martín, Institute of Technology Jorge Sábato (Buenos Aires, Argentina);    Thesis title: “Microstereolitography for the production of ceramic and metallic parts” (PI Dr. Serge Monneret)

1995 – 1998:   Physics

Buenos Aires University, Faculty of Sciences (Buenos Aires, Argentina)



“Active enzyme nanocoatings affect settlement of Balanus amphitrite barnacle cyprids”, Mariana Tasso, Sheelagh L. Conlan, Anthony S. Clare, Carsten Werner. Advanced Functional Materials 22(1), 39-47, 2012.

“Covalent immobilization of Subtilisin A onto thin films of maleic anhydride copolymers”; Mariana Tasso, Ana L. Cordeiro, Katrin Salchert, Carsten Werner. Macromolecular Bioscience 9(9), 922-929, 2009.

“Antifouling potential of Subtilisin A immobilized onto maleic anhydride copolymer thin films”; Mariana Tasso, Michala E. Pettitt, Ana L. Cordeiro, Maureen E. Callow, James A. Callow, Carsten Werner. Biofouling 25(6), 505-516, 2009.

“Immobilized enzymes – valuable tools for the indication of temperature events”; Stefanie Wetzel, Peter Allertz, Sören Koschnicke, Mariana Tasso, Katrin Salchert. Biocatalysis and Biotransformation 31(2), 100-113, 2013.

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