Lab Tour

Our lab facilities are located at the historical place where Marie Skłodowska-Curie and Pierre Curie succeeded in isolating the radioactive elements polonium and radium for the first time from the Bohemian pitchblende ore. A building in red bricks with nice mosaics has been rebuilt in the 1930s in place of the old shed that sheltered the Curie’s experiments.

The ESPCI is the Physics and Chemistry School of the city of Paris. As such, our lab shares a lot of facilities with the other services of the school: lecture rooms, a central library, material workshops, storage places for chemicals and chemical waste disposals, transmission and scanning electron microscopes.

Our group has two chemistry synthesis rooms and two rooms for optics experiments.

If you want to visit our lab for real, please contact us.

Tour in our chemistry rooms
Movie of CdSe quantum dots synthesis:

Glove box in chemistry room

One of our 4 chemical fume hoods

Jobin Yvon FluoroMax-3 spectrofluorimeter allowing to record fluorescence excitation spectra

Cary Spectrophotometer UV-Vis-NIR

Edinburgh Instruments spectrofluorimeter with possibility to place a cryostat sample holder

Hand-held UV lamp revealing fluorescence of quantum dot solution with color characteristic of its size

High pressure liquid chromatograph

Analytical balances

Bench-top centrifuge



Tour of our devices facilities


 probe  photoresp photoresp2 glove electrochi

Tour of our optics facilities

MicroTime 200 confocal time-resolved fluorescence microscope with cryostat sample holder

Olympus inverted microscope with mercury lamp exciting the fluorescence of the observed quantum dots

Control electronics rack for the MicroTime 200

Gustafsson structured illumination microscope

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