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Logo 30 years QDs

30 years of colloidal quantum dots

From may 26 to 28 2014, the group is organizing a conference for the 30th anniversary of colloidal quantum dots.

The core/shell CdSe/CdS quantum dot imaged on this picture has a diameter of 12nm. It has been taken with a Transmission Electron Microscope at magnification 400,000x.  Due to a favorable orientation of the crystal axes, one can distinguish the electron-opaque atoms.

Welcome at the Quantum Dot group from ESPCI – LPEM

The ESPCI - LPEM Quantum Dots Group is specialized in chemical synthesis and optical characterization of colloidal quantum dots.We have open positions for:
PhD students
Stages de Master - Master Internships

Nanoplatelets can now shine two colors

The team recently developped bicolor emitting nanoplateletrs by careffully enginereering a core crwn heterostrcture made of a CdSe core and an alloy shell the results are published in J phys Chem C

Now nanoplatelets also shine light in the near infrared

Eva and Sandrine develloped a method to synthetize nanoplatelets of HgTe with optical features in the near infrared. Their work has been accepted in JACS

New review on 2D colloidal system

Our review on the growth of 2D colloidal system is just being accepted in Chemical Review

New infrared quantum dots

Our group reports the synthesis of HgSe quantum dots with the reddest infrared properties ever reported, with peak absorption up to 20µm. once coupled with As2S3 as ligand the film of these nanocrystals present large mobility close to 100cm2V-1s-1, which is very promissing fro their integration into photodetectors. For more details : Infrared photo-detection based […]

Botao’s paper just gets accepted in Nature Nano

Ji, B.; Giovanelli, E.; Habert, B.; Spinicelli, P.; Nasilowski, M.; Xu, X.; Lequeux, N.; Hugonin, J.-P.; Marquier, F.; Greffet, J.-J.; Dubertret, B. Non-blinking quantum dot with a plasmonic nanoshell resonator. Nat. Nanotechnol. 2014., in press