Adrien Robin

PhD student since 2013



Lhuillier, A. Robin, S. Ithurria, H. Aubin, B. Dubertret,Electrolyte gated colloidal nanoplatelets based phototransistor and its use for bicolor detection, Nano Lett. 14, 2715 (2014).

Lhuillier, S. Pedetti , S. Ithurria, H. Heuclin, B. Nadal, A. Robin,G. Patriarche , N. Lequeux and B. Dubertret, Electrolyte Gated Field Effect Transistor to Probe the Surface Defects and Morphology in Films of Thick CdSe Colloidal Nanoplatelets, ACS nano 8, 3813(2014).

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