Benoit Dubertret
Group leader, CNRS researcher
benoit.dubertret at
in group since 2002
semiconductor nanoparticles synthesis, characterisation and applications
Alexandra Fragola
Maître de conférences
alexandra.fragola at
quantum dots for biological applications
quantum yield measurement by thermal lens microscopy
fluorescence imaging microscopy : structured illuminated microscopy, adaptive optics
Nicolas Lequeux
Professor ESPCI
Sandrine Lhuillier-Ithurria
Assistant professor  nanocrystals synthesis
Vincent Loriette
CNRS researcher fluorescence microscopy, adaptive optics, resolution enhancement techniques
Virgo gravitational waves detector, CALVA project (CAvités pour le Lock de Virgo Advanced)
Thomas Pons
INSERM researcher Synthesis and functionalization of fluorescent quantum dots for biological sensing and bio/medical imaging.
Xiangzhen Xu
CNRS engineer  TEM imaging

Postdoctoral researchers

Emmanuel Lhuillier
Postdoctoral Researcher  Transport and optoelectronic of low dimentional semiconductor
Brice Nadal
Zhenhua Sun
Postdoctoral Researcher solar cells based on quantum dots
Mariana Tasso
  Postdoctoral Researcher Biofunctionalization of quantum dot nanoparticles for specific recognition and imaging of biological targets

Doctoral researchers

Michel Nasilowski PhD student 2012-2015  Colloidal synthesis and spectroscopy of quantum dots
Adrien Robin PhD student 2013-2016 Colloidal synthesis
Nanostructured PV devices
Silvia Pedetti PhD student 2012-2015 synthesis of 2D nanoobjects
Aude Buffard PhD student 2013-2016
Fatimata Dembele PhD student 2014-2017

Master students


Emerson GiovanelliGary Sitbon

Ji Botao

Sophie Bouccara

Daniel O. Thomas

Post doc 2010-2014PhD in 2014

PhD in 2014

PhD in 2014

Master thesis 2014

Arjen DijksmanMickaël Tessier

Cécile Bouet

PhD in 2013PhD in 2013

PhD in 2013

Clémentine JavauxElsa Cassette PhD in 2012PhD in 2012
Pierre Vermeulen PhD in 2011
Eleonora MuroSandrine Ithurria PhD in 2010PhD in 2010
 Benoit Mahler  PhD in 2009




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