Tenure Track Assistant Professor Position in Sport Physics, Ecole Polytechnique (deadline March, 30th, 2018)

The Department of Mechanics at École Polytechnique invites applications for a Gaspard Monge Assistant Professor in “sport physics” (that is, a tenure-track position of two consecutive three-year contracts with interesting financial conditions).

See attached files for more information :

English version PDF

French version PDF

Christophe Josserand, Department Chair (




Rencontre du Non-linéaire date limite 26 février (27-29 mars)

Rappel : soumission des résumés pour les posters/exposés courts et/ou pour la soumission des articles pour les comptes-rendus.

Nous remercions tous ceux qui ont déjà soumis un résumé. Pour ceux qui ne l’ont pas fait, la date limite est le 26 février 2018 inclus.

du 27 au 29 mars 2018 à Paris, Université Paris-Diderot

La Rencontre du Non-Linéaire rassemble tous les ans l’essentiel de la communauté francophone travaillant sur la dynamique non linéaire (hydrodynamique, optique, plasmas, mécanique, mathématiques appliquées, physico-chimie, biophysique, …).

La 21e Rencontre du Non Linéaire 2018 aura lieu les 27, 28 et 29 mars 2018 à l’Université Paris Diderot, à l’amphithéâtre Buffon, 15 rue Hélène Brion, Paris 13e.

Cette année, les orateurs invités seront :

  • Christophe Clanet (LadHyX, Ecole Polytechnique) “Physics in modern Olympic Games
  • Keith Moffatt (DAMTP, Cambridge, UK) “The Navier-Stokes Singularity Problem« 
  • Salima Rafaï (LIPHY, CNRS, Grenoble) “Du plancton comme modèle de particule active?
  • Agnese Seminara (INPHYNI, CNRS, Nice) “Fungal spore discharge and dispersal in the atmosphere

Cette année, le mini-colloque aura comme thème “Non-linéarité et tremblements de terre”.

Calendrier et renseignements pratiques :
* 26 février 2018 : date limite de soumission des articles pour les comptes-rendus
* 28 février 2018 : date limite de soumission des résumés pour les posters/exposés courts
* 27, 28 et 29 mars 2018 : RNL 2018

* Vous êtes tous conviés à participer à cette manifestation et à présenter une communication.
* L’inscription est gratuite et recommandée pour faciliter le travail des organisateurs. Elle est exigée pour présenter une communication.
* Pour plus d’informations et inscription :


Le Comité d’Organisation :

E. Falcon, M. Lefranc, F. Pétrélis et C.-T. Pham

Le Comité Scientifique :

S. Barland, J. Barré, E. Falcon, M.-C. Firpo, D. Gérard-Varet, M. Haragus, X. Jia, P. Marmottant, F. Pétrélis, C.-T. Pham, B. Roman, V. Vidal



Yielding versus depinning in disordered systems ( October 2018- Paris)

Dear Colleagues,

We are organizing a small informal workshop at the ENS in Paris, at the end of October, on the analogy between the yielding transition of amorphous materials under load and the depinning transition of elastic objects driven in a quenched disordered landscape. It will take place from Monday October 22 till Wednesday October 24, 2018. Please check the following website for more details:

The workshop will consist in six review talks (1h each), with a lot of time devoted to informal discussions. We thus expect fruitful exchanges on the topics related to the connection between the depinning and the yielding phenomena.

Hoping to see you on this occasion in Paris,
Best regards,

Elisabeth Agoritsas and Francesco Zamponi

PS. This workshop is a follow up to the workshop on yielding that we organized in 2017. Information on the previous workshop, and the slides of the speakers, can be found here

Elisabeth Agoritsas – Postdoc

Email :

Laboratoire de Physique Théorique (LPT-ENS),
Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris,
Rue Lhomond 24
75005 Paris, France

Simons collaboration:


International Conference on Nonlinear Localization in Lattices – Spetses Island (18-22 June 2018)

Subject: Update- International Conference on Nonlinear Localization in Lattices (NLL -2018) , Spetses Island-18-22 June 2018

Dear Colleagues

With this message we are pleased to announce the organization of the International Conference « Nonlinear Localization in Lattices » that will take place in the island of Spetses in Greece during 18-22 June 2018.

The conference marks the 30-year anniversary of the pioneering paper of Sievers and Takeno of 1988 that started an intense theoretical and experimental activity in Intrinsic Localized Modes or Discrete Breathers in nonlinear lattice systems. The intention is to both celebrate the glorious past of intrinsic localization and look into the present and future of nonlinear and complex phenomena in extended systems and their applications.

In addition to covering topics related to classical and quantum nonlinear localization, such as statistical and dynamical properties, thermalization of nonlinear lattices, Fermi-Pasta-Ulam dynamics, applications of nonlinear localization and related phenomena in materials, biological systems, optical systems and metamaterials, many body effects, self-organization in nonlinear lattices and other relevant topics we also intend to link the area with other growing fields. Specifically we plan to have focused sessions on non-Hermitian phenomena wave phenomena and applications in optical and materials science. Additionally, due to the growing interest in machine learning applications in physics we will interface with recent work in the area that is in contact with the general theme of the meeting. We welcome contributions from all these areas and fields.

The conference webpage is

. Please follow the updated information and plan early your trip to Greece since the summer of 2018 is expected to be a busy year for tourism in Greece.
Spetses is a small, quaint island island off the coast of Peloponnese and off the main tourist attraction loop that may be reached either from the port of Athens by fast boats or by land and a short sea crossing.
The conference will take place in the Anrgyreios-Korgialeneios School of Spetses (AKSS) with comfortable facilities in a unique location next to the sea and close to the main island town.

Please register now through the conference web page and arrange for your trip.There is accommodation in the premises or in nearby hotels. Please make reservations through our web page and/or contact us if you have questions or need assistance.
It is best if you do your reservation before March 9, 2018, especially if you are planning to stay in the premises of AKSS.

Interested scientists are invited to apply by completing the online NLL registration form, which is available at:, until 30/03/2018.

Please note that we anticipate having some funding to be used towards covering local expenses of students & young scientists.

Our email database is being continuously updated. Please inform us if you wish to be added (if you did not received the announcement directly) or wish to be removed from the list.
Looking forward to seeing you in Spetses for a celebration of 30 years of nonlinear localization in discrete systems!

On behalf of the International Organizing Committee

G. Tsironis

International Organizing Committee:
David Campbell, Sergej Flach, Yuri Kivshar, Konstantinos Makris, George Tsironis, Alexey Ustinov

For more information on the organization of the Conference please communicate with:

Mrs Froso Kasotaki

CCQCN Operations Specialist
Department of Physics, Univ. Crete,
Voutes Campus,
Heraklion 71003, Greece
Tel 30-2810 394262
FAX 30-2810 394301

conférences/écoles Non classé

Ecole d’été Mécanique et Physique MEPHiSTO à Cargese, du 7 au 17 aout 2018

Le GDR MePhy participe à l’organisation de l’école d’été internationale MEPHiSTO (MEchanics and PHysics of STretchable Objets) qui aura lieu du 7 au 17 aout 2018 à Cargese.

voir le site web de l’école.


The School is aimed primarily to PhD students, postdocs, and other young scientists wishing to broaden and deepen their knowledge or to identify new research opportunities.
A strong emphasis is put on basic concepts with several classes reviewing classical mechanics and physics. In order to keep the lectures as tutorial as possible, the 20 academic lecturers will give 1-3 talks.

The school will include

  • Main lecture courses (1h20 long, including questions).
  • Some « experimental lectures » based on a series of table-top experimental demonstrations by the speakers, with experiments available to the students during coffee breaks.
  • flash presentations for posters, and poster sessions.
  • ample time for discussion (coffee breaks, meals, and a long afternoon break)

Classes will start on August 7th in the morning and end on August 17th.

Academic talks

Basics mechanics/physics

Material failure and friction


Complex materials and « extreme mechanics’’

Non classé

2018 Programme of CISM – International Centre for Mechanical Sciences

Logo CISM CISM International Centre for Mechanical Sciences

The 2018 Programme of CISM – International Centre for Mechanical Sciences (Udine, Italy), is online.
You can find listed below a brief summary of the 2018 programme. 
Information about the course contents and registration can be found at

    • Marie Curie – ITN ANTARES School on 
      Smart Systems for Vibration Control, Energy Harvesting, Tactile Feedback, Measurement and Monitoring
      Joint Advanced School hosted by CISM –
      January 29 – February 1, 2018
      Coordinated by Maryam Ghandchi Tehrani, Paolo Gardonio


    • 1st GACM-GIMC workshop on 
      Common Research Interests in Computational Mechanics
      Event hosted by CISM –
      Coordinated by Michael Kaliske, Sonia Marfia, Anna Pandolfi, Alessandro Reali
      February 28 – March 1, 2018





    • High-performance Computing of Big Data for Turbulence and Combustion
      Advanced Course –
      May 21- 25, 2018
      Coordinated by Sergio Pirozzoli, Tapan K. Sengupta


    • Modelling and Simulation of Tribological Problems in Technology
      Advanced Course –
      May 28 – June 1, 2018
      Coordinated by Marco Paggi, David A. Hills


    • Advanced After-treatment Technologies for Automotive Applications
      International Advanced Professional Training Course –
      June 4- 8, 2018
      Coordinated by Samir Bensaid, Michiel Makkee





    • Fluid Dynamics Effects on Particle Formation in Crystallization Processes
      Advanced Course –
      July 2- 6, 2018
      Coordinated by Daniele Marchisio, Cristian Marchioli


    • Mechanics of Fibrous Materials and Application: Physical and Modelling Aspects
      Advanced Course –
      July 9- 13, 2018
      Coordinated by Catalin Picu, Jean-François Ganghoffer


    • CISM-ECCOMAS International Summer School on 
      Efficient High-order Discretizations for Computational Fluid Dynamics
      Advanced Course –
      July 16-20, 2018
      Coordinated by Martin Kronbichler, Per-Olof Persson


    • Substructuring in Engineering Dynamics: Emerging Numerical and Experimental Techniques
      Advanced Course –
      July 23-Jul 27, 2018
      Coordinated by Matthew Allen, Daniel Rixen


    • Electromechanical Transducers: Principles and Technologies
      Advanced Course –
      September 3-7, 2018 Coordinated by Hans Irschik, Bernhard Jakoby


    • Thermodynamics of Irreversible Processes in Material Systems
      Advanced Course –
      September 10-14, 2018
      Coordinated by Franz Dieter Fischer


    • Stability and Serviceability of Controlled Structures
      Advanced Course –
      September 17-21, 2018
      Coordinated by Sara Casciati, Marian Wiercigroch


    • CISM-AIMETA Advanced School on 
      Cell Mechanobiology: Theory and Experiments on the Mechanics of Life
      Advanced Course –
      September 24- 28, 2018
      Coordinated by Antonio De Simone, Vikram Deshpande


    • Marie Curie – ITN School on 
      Damage and Failure of Materials under Extreme Conditions
      Joint Advanced School hosted by CISM –
      October 1-5, 2018
      Coordinated by Sébastien Mercier, José Rodríguez-Martínez


    • Modeling in Engineering using Innovative Numerical Methods for Solids and Fluids
      Advanced Course –
      October 15-19, 2018
      Coordinated by Laura De Lorenzis, Alexander Düster


CISM is a non-profit institution. 
Rectors: Professor Elisabeth Guazzelli, Professor Franz G. Rammerstorfer, Professor Wolfgang A. Wall.
Secretary General: Professor Bernhard Schrefler
Vice-Secretary General: Professor Paolo Gardonio

CISM – International Centre for Mechanical Sciences
Piazza Garibaldi 18 – 33100 Udine
tel: 0432 248511 – e-mail:
Facebook –  Google+ –  Twitter –  YouTube –  LinkedIn

Non classé

Summerschool Complex Motion in Fluids : Sports physics and collective phenomena (8-14 juillet, Normandie)

We are glad to announce that the 2018 edition of the “Complex Motion in Fluids” summer school is now open for applications. Please visit the website:

This year the school organised by Christophe Clanet and myself will be held at Moulin d’Andé in Normandy from July 8th to 14th.

This edition will focus on the physics of sports (sailing, rowing, skying etc.) and collective phenomena (in physics, fluid mechanics, biology, and social systems). We have invited a large panel of specialists in their fields to cover these two subjects and discuss common grounds. Registration deadline is April 30th.

With best regards,
Christophe Clanet and Michael Benzaquen

Michael Benzaquen
LadHyX – CNRS – Ecole Polytechnique
Tel (+33) (0)1 69 33 52 87


Ecole DYNOLIN (27 mai-1er juin)


Bonjour à tou(te)s,

Les travaux du GDR DYNOLIN se terminent en 2018 (sous sa forme actuelle).
Comme je l’ai indiqué lors des journées de Toulouse, le GDR a déposé une demande de soutien auprès du CNRS pour l’organisation d’une Ecole Thématique
intitulée comme le GDR «DYNOLIN ». Le CNRS nous a octroyé ce soutien. Il est temps de passer à la pratique. Cette école et les travaux du GDR se dérouleront en parallèle.

Vous trouverez ci-joints 3 documents.

Le premier (Affiche-ET-2018) synthétise l’annonce de l’Ecole Thématique.
Le second (Programme-EcoleThematiqueCNRS-2018-Frejus ) présente le programme détaillé et décrit la procédure (et les tarifs) pour participer à cette école.
Vous noterez qu’il y a 2 temps: une demande d’inscription puis l’inscription elle-même après réception d’un mail confirmant que vous pouvez vous inscrire.

Le troisième document (FormulaireDemandeInscription) est à renvoyer impérativement avant le 25 mars 2018.

Bien cordialement

CH Lamarque


post-docs in Soft Matter (DAMTP-Cambridge)

We are currently seeking several Postdoctoral Research Associates in the Soft Matter Group in Cambridge’s Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP). Details are here:

If you know any strong candidates, please encourage them to apply — or if you are one, please do so yourself!

Best wishes

Mike Cates

Michael Cates FRS
Lucasian Professor of Mathematics
and Royal Society Research Professor
DAMTP, Centre for Mathematical Sciences
University of Cambridge
United Kingdom

+44 (0)1223 337912


EuroEAP conference (polymères électroactifs): Lyon 5-6 juin 2018

Bonjour à tous,

Nous (LaMCoS) organisons le 5 et 6 juin 2018 à Lyon la 8ème édition de la conférence EuroEAP sur les polymères électroactifs (piézo, diélectrique, électret, ionique, conducteurs…) de la fabrication au système.

La conférence a un format original avec une dizaine de talk d’invités (20min) et des présentations orales courtes pour tous les participants suivi d’un poster et/ou démo.
Les cessions poster/démo sont longues pour favoriser les échanges.

Je vous invite à regarder le descriptif et à participer!

N’hésitez pas à diffuser,

Claire Jean-Mistral
Maître de Conférences – INSA de Lyon – LaMCoS