Building with thread

An Eight-Legged Builder

Damping mechanism in orb spider webs

A three year project to achieve a magnificent cape made from golden spider silk

Spider silk vs. steel by Mythbusters

Wet Hair

Damping mechanism in orb spider webs

Droplets with a twist: Interview of Kari Dalnoki-Veress by Guillaume Durey (Lutetium Project)

Birds as Architects

Weaver Bird making its nest commented by Sir David Attenborough

An Impressive Bridge of Grasses

Hemp rope from amàco on Vimeo.

Folders and Taylors: Masters of Volume

Weaving and Brainding

Retrospective Exhibition of Madeleine Vionnet at the Museum of Arts Décoratifs, Paris

P.Golbin Madeleine Vionnet , puriste de la mode Les arts décoratifs (2009)

A great conference from the mathematician Etienne Ghys (in French)

Documentary on the traditional use of sebúcan (in Spanish)

Folding and Crumpling Paper Balls

An interesting article on crumpled paper from New York Times (novembreNovember 2018) …and a more recent one in March 2021: As we note in « Foldind and Crumpling Paper Ball » (p.142) the physics of crumpling is an active field with many unknonwn. A new approach puts forward an analogy beteween crumpling and fragmentation. Download a pdf version here


A.D. Cambou & N. Menon Three dimensional structure of a sheet crumpled in a ball PNAS 108 14741 (2011)

Students broke the record in the number of paper fold (13) using a (very  very long) ribbon of toilet paper.  See  this article on NPR,  and this other one  and this video :

Robert Lang TED talk The math and magic of origami

David Dureisseix An overview of mechanisms and patterns with origami International Journal of Space Structures 27 (2012)

M.G. Kanatzidis, […] & J. Huang Compression and Aggregation-Resistant Particles of Crumpled Soft Sheets ACS Nano 5 8943 (2011)