On the Giant Causeway…

Make your own Giant’s causeway with Lucas Goehring’s recipe  Make your own causeway ; recipe for corn starch columns

A lecture by Stephen Morris on the Physics of the Giant Causeway:

M.Eberhart   Why things break Random House ( 2003)

An article  from the Guardian on the temperature change leading to these ordered fracture patterns.

Prehistoric Gems

An interesting website on stone cutting here:

Here is a movie (in French unfortunately) from Bonus DVD « Les premiers Européens » : where Jacques PELEGRIN demonstrates technics used for stone cuting :

Pointed Tears

A video on Jacques Villeglé (the tone indirectly shows how ahead of his time he was). Note the pointy tears…

The Geometry of Lettuce

A movie by amaco  :

Eloquent Craquelures

by amàco on Vimeo.

Frederique Giorgiutti-Dauphin et Ludovic Pauchard Painting cracks: A way to investigate the pictorial matter journal of applied physics 120, 065107 (2016)’ 2011 (disponible ici en pdf)
KB.Singh et al Cracking in drying colloidal films Phys Rev Lett 98 218302 (2007)

The historical evolution of Paris street is documented here :

In this movie, you are shown how to create hierarchical cracks in caramel (pour cold water on hot caramel obtained from water and sugar heated in the microwave)

Walking on Eggs

An interesting article in the guardian on a study about the mechanisms involved in chicks hatching:

Image source: The Guardian

Glass Teardrops