Matter in motion

Beams bend but do no break

Vaulting into the Air

How does a Grasshopper jump from Maddie Moate’s channel

How do spaghettis break ?
The Secret of Snapping Spaghetti from SmarterEverydayChannel and partly inspired by the work of our colleagues Basile Audoly & Sébastien Neukirch .

The Choreography of Pine Cones

Artistic self-folding origani by Étienne Cliquet

Flying Seeds

The Fern Sporangium: A Unique Catapult by Xavier Noblin et al., Science 335, 1322 (2012)

Quaking Bows

  • A.Mayer et al., Analysis of bow-hair fibers Proceedings of the international symposium of musical acoustics ISMA 2007

Stick-slip motion of violin strings under a moving bow

Restless Grains of Sand

  • Claudin and B. Andreotti, A scaling law for aeolian dunes on Mars, Venus, Earth, and for subaqueous rippples, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 252, 30 (2006).

Martian dunes as compered with Earth dunes from Astrum channel

Angle of repose and avalanche angle (and many interesting demonstrations from Amàco group)

The trap of the Antlion by Sir David Attenborough