From Sand to Glass

Seeing the World in a Grain of Sand

E. Guyon, J-Y. Delenne & F. Radjai Built on Sand MIT Press (2020)

‘Quicksand’ by emma gibson, is a piece of art that reproduces grains of sand at very large scale :–emma-gibson-s-quicksand/

Amàco group has produced several very interesting videos on granular material :

The Secret of Sandcastles

 D.J. Hornbaker What keeps sandcastles standing

Experiments with Magic Sand

Earthen Architecture

How to make a super sand pile (by Amàco) :

Liquid Stone: Concrete

Mixing sand grains of different sizes 1+1 = 2 ?

The Saga of Fusing Granular Matter

S. Hirschhorn, Introduction to powder metallurgy, APMI, New York, 1969.

States of Glass

Glass Blowing | Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert