Creating shapes

Drying of a thin slide of a trunk from amàco on Vimeo.

Pascal Oudet‘s website, author of these « Dendrochronologies« .

And we think of bubbles as fragile?

A great video on Surface tension phenomena from Lutetium project.

Recipe for making giant bubbles.

Freezing soap bubbles

The Tragedy of Foam

The science of champagne bubbles by the French specialist Gérard Liger-Belair

Necklaces and Catenaries

Majestic Catenary Arch from Curiosity Show channel

A more technical approach from Engineering Models channel

Elegant Stone Arches

(Image : Gravity Meditation This is a cropped version of « Arch_Balance.jpg » by Pascal Fiechter, originally uploaded to Wikipedia on 2014-10-01)

Collection of images from the European Stone staking championship in 2018 :

Shells and Mille-Feuilles

On the toughness of Nacre by R. Hovden, U. Michigan