Development of a multimodal and multiplex cancer biomarker quantification method


A 2-year postdoc postdoc position is open at ESPCI Paris to work on a collaborative project between the Laboratory Gulliver (ESPCI), the laboratory MEPPOT (University of Paris), and the Pasteur Institute. It involves the development of a bioanalysis pipeline for the accurate measurement of cancer-related microRNA and protein biomarkers from liquid biopsies. The candidate will build on the recent work of the Gulliver laboratory in the field of molecular programming for the detection microRNAs and proteins. He.she will beneficiate from the expertise of the MEPPOT laboratory in translational research and digital PCR.

Candidate profile

  • PhD in molecular biology, biochemistry,  or a related field.
  • The candidate is expected to have a strong background in standard biochemical tools (enzymatic assays, nucleic acid amplification, RNA extraction, microscopy…)
  • Excellent communication skills in both written and spoken English are of prime importance
  • The successful candidate is expected to navigate in a highly interdisciplinary environment.
  • A previous experience in the field of bioassay development or molecular programming will be a plus.


– Literature review and data compiling
– Planification and realization of biochemical experiments (sample preparation, optimization of the biochemical assay)

– Data analysis lab notebook update + weekly reporting
– Scientific communication (writing of scientific publications, conference attendance)

Background information

Gulliver activities

Valérie Taly’s activities (MEPPOT laboratory)

See « Publications » for recent work on microRNA detection


CV and cover letter to be sent at & guillaume.gines@espci