Droplet desert (credit GG)
Droplet desert – 2 (credit GG)
« Purple grain, purple grain » (credit GG)
« A greener world » (credit GG)
« Cubic drops »
Constellation (credit GG)
Pathfinders (credit GG)
Ragging balls: Kymogram of a DNA activation front travelling through a population of autocatalytic particles (credit: GG)
Colony-like pattern: Activation of a population of synergic particles that trigger each other by producing and exchanging DNA strands (credit: GG)
Sample changer
Synergic particles: artist view (credit: Alexandre Dizieux)
Stochastic front activation (credit: GG)
« Droplet pointillism » (credit: GG)
« Micro-candy Crush » (1) (credit: GG)
« Micro-candy Crush » (2) (credit: GG)
Make single-molecules shine in the dark: isothermal digital droplet detection of microRNA biomarker (credit: GG)
« Solar micro-eruption » (credit: GG)
Patient 0: Propagation of a DNA signal into a population of autocatalytic particles (credit Yannick Rondelez)
« Black hole » (credit GG)
« Odd one out » (credit GG)