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Postdoc offer (21/11/2021)

Development of a multimodal and multiplex cancer biomarker quantification method Mission A 2-year postdoc postdoc position is open at ESPCI Paris to work on a collaborative project between the Laboratory Gulliver (ESPCI), the laboratory MEPPOT (University of Paris), and the… Continue Reading →

Internship offer @ Gulliver Laboratory

Come to discuss if you are interested ! Lieu Nous ouvrons une offre de stage à l’ESPCI/Université Paris Sciences et Lettres, dans le laboratoire Gulliver dirigé par Olivier Dauchot. Le laboratoire est situé dans le centre de Paris (5ème arrondissement),… Continue Reading →

Multiplexing molecular circuits

MicroRNAs are short endogenous RNA strands that finely tune gene expression. Countless articles have reported a link between the dysregulation of microRNA expressions and diseases including cancer or neurodegenerative diseases, among others. These disease signatures often involve more than one… Continue Reading →

Programming molecules to detect cancer biomarkers

MicroRNAs are foreseen as promising biomarkers for diagnosis, prognosis and follow up of cancer diseases. First things first: be able to detect these biomarkers reliably and sensitively. The objective of this work is to propose a novel technology for the… Continue Reading →

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Sticky post

I am Guillaume, CNRS researcher at ESPCI Paris in the Laboratory Gulliver located in Paris. My research interests are centered around DNA nanotechnologies and molecular programming, from their fundamental demonstrations to applications in diagnostics and biotechnology. My work is a… Continue Reading →

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