Optic Course

Nouvelles dates (Amphi IPGG) :
Lundi 4 Décembre 13h – 13h50
Lundi 11 Décembre 13h – 13h50
Lundi 18 Décembre 13h – 13h50

Créneaux horaires Travaux Dirigés :

TD1 : Lundi 23 Octobre 15h20 – 16h20
TD2 : Vendredi 8 Décembre 9h40 – 10h40
TD3 : Vendredi 15 Décembre 9h40 – 10h40
TD4 : Mardi 16 Janvier 10h50 – 11h50
TD5 : Mardi 30 Janvier 10h50 – 11h50
TD6 : Mardi 6 Février 10h50 – 11h50
TD7 : Mardi 13 Février 10h50 – 11h50
TD8 : Mardi 27 Février 10h50 – 11h50
TD9 : Mardi 6 Mars 10h50 – 11h50
TD10 : Mardi 20 Mars 10h50 – 11h50

Supports de cours :

Présentation générale de cours

Vitesse de la lumière 1

Vitesse de la lumière 2

Optique Variationnelle 1

Optique Variationnelle 2

Cohérence et Spectroscopie

Scientific projects in Teams

The main operating lines for the scientific projects in teams (SPT) module are:
This experimental module deals with the different scientific fields of physics, chemistry, biology or transdisciplinary projects.
This module lasts about thirty half-day sessions for one year (1/3 in the first year and 2/3 in the 2nd year).
The subjects are proposed either by the teachers or by the students themselves. Groups of three students, formed by affinity, choose one of the proposed subjects. Each team is committed to one project throughout the duration of the module.
The SPT take place in specific premises in order to preserve the mounted experiments. Students have access to scientific equipments, to mechanical service and clean room facilities to enable them to carry out their project. A budget is allocated for the purchase of specific operations.
Projects are systematically renewed every year and all projects are different.

You can see the project of the students from the previous years following this link to the Scientific projects in Teams’ webpage (in french).