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Classical analogue of the Unruh effect
U Leonhardt, I Griniasty, S Wildeman, E Fort, M Fink
arXiv preprint arXiv:1709.02200 (2017)

From the time-reversal mirror to the instantaneous time mirror
M Fink, E Fort
The European Physical Journal Special Topics 226 (7), 1477-1486 (2017)

Podosome Force Generation Machinery: A Local Balance between Protrusion at the Core and Traction at the Ring
A Bouissou, A Proag, N Bourg, K Pingris, C Cabriel, S Balor, T Mangeat, …
ACS nano 11 (4), 4028-4040 (2017)

Gold nanoparticles in cardiovascular imaging
M Varna, HV Xuan, E Fort
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology (2017)

Self-attraction into spinning eigenstates of a mobile wave source by its emission back-reaction
M Labousse, S Perrard, Y Couder, E Fort
Physical Review E 94 (4), 04222 (2016)

Wave-Based Turing Machine: Time Reversal and Information Erasing
S. Perrard, E. Fort, Y. Couder
Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 094502 (2016)

Revisiting time reversal and holography with spacetime transformations
V Bacot, M Labousse, A Eddi, M Fink, E Fort
Nature Physics (2016)

Three-dimensional nanometre localization of nanoparticles to enhance super-resolution microscopy
P Bon, N Bourg, S Lécart, S Monneret, E Fort, J Wenger & S Lévêque-Fort
Nature communications 6 (2015)

Direct optical nanoscopy with axially localized detection
N Bourg, C Mayet, G Dupuis, T Barroca, P Bon, S Lécart, E Fort & S. Lévêque-Fort
Nature Photonics 9, 587–593 (2015)

Interaction of two walkers: Wave-mediated energy and force
C Borghesi, J Moukhtar, M Labousse, A Eddi, E Fort, Y Couder
Physical Review E 90 (6), 063017 (2014)

Build-up of macroscopic eigenstates in a memory-based constrained system
M Labousse, S Perrard, Y Couder, E Fort
New Journal of Physics 16 (11), 113027 (2014)

Label‐free evanescent microscopy for membrane nano‐tomography in living cells
P Bon, T Barroca, S Lévèque‐Fort, E Fort
Journal of biophotonics 7 (11‐12), 857-862 (2014)

Detection of plasmonic nanoparticles with full field-OCT: optical and photothermal detection
A Nahas, M Varna, E Fort, AC Boccara
Biomedical optics express 5 (10), 3541-3546 (2014)

Chaos driven by interfering memory
S Perrard, M Labousse, E Fort, Y Couder
Physical review letters 113 (10), 104101 (2014)

Fast label-free cytoskeletal network imaging in living mammalian cells
P Bon, S Lécart, E Fort, S Lévêque-Fort
Biophysical journal 106 (8), 1588-1595 (2014)

Confocal supercritical angle microscopy for cell membrane imaging
S Sivankutty, T Barroca, C Mayet, G Dupuis, E Fort, S Lévêque-Fort
Optics letters 39 (3), 555-558 (2014)

Self-organization into quantized eigenstates of a classical wave-driven particle
S Perrard, M Labousse, M Miskin, E Fort, Y Couder
Nature communications 5 (2014)

In vivo uptake and cellular distribution of gold nanoshells in a preclinical model of xenografted human renal cancer
M Pannerec-Varna, P Ratajczak, G Bousquet, I Ferreira, C Leboeuf, …
Gold Bulletin 46 (4), 257-265 (2013)

Transmission surface plasmon resonance microscopy
O Loison, E Fort
Applied Physics Letters 103 (13), 133110 (2013)

Gold nanocrescents for remotely measuring and controlling local temperature
XH Vu, M Levy, T Barroca, HN Tran, E Fort
Nanotechnology 24 (32), 325501 (2013)

Wavelike statistics from pilot-wave dynamics in a circular corral
DM Harris, J Moukhtar, E Fort, Y Couder, JWM Bush
Physical Review E 88 (1), 011001 (2013)

Trajectory eigenmodes of an orbiting wave source
E Fort, Y Couder
Europhysics Letters 102 (1), 16005

Level splitting at macroscopic scale
A. Eddi, J. Moukhtar, S. Perrard, E. Fort and Y. Couder,
Phys. Rev. Lett., 108, 264503 (2012)

Information stored in Faraday waves: the origin of a path-memory
A. Eddi, E. Sultan, J. Moukhtar, E. Fort, M. Rossi and Y. Couder,
J. Fluid Mech., 674, 433-463 (2011)

Path-memory induced quantization of classical orbits
E. Fort, A. Eddi, J. Moukhtar, A. Boudaoud and Y. Couder,
PNAS, 107, 41,17515-17520 (2010)

Archimedean lattices in the bound states of wave interactiong particles
A. Eddi, A. Decelle, E. Fort and Y. Couder,
EPL, 87, 56002 (2009)

Unpredictable tunneling of a classical wave-particle association
A. Eddi, E. Fort, F. Moisy and Y. Couder,
Phys. Rev. Lett., 102, 240401 (2009)

Wave propelled ratchets and drifting rafts
A. Eddi, D. Terwagne, E. Fort and Y. Couder,
EPL, 82, 44001 (2008)