Job offer – R&D engineer in biophysics & biomaterials (w/m)

Job offer – R&D engineer in biophysics & biomaterials (w/m)

Research and development engineer – Biophysics & biomaterials (w/m)

Permanent position – Immediate recruitment

Location: Romainville, France


Cyprio develops and markets 3D liver and pancreas micro-tissues thanks to a breakthrough technology based on the encapsulation of a precise number of cells within a liquid-core alginate capsule. Our R&D innovation projects cover a wide range of specialties: biology, chemistry, physics, biochemistry, toxicology, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, analytics, medical devices, regenerative and translational medicine, etc.

Cyprio is now looking for his/her future collaborator with a strong expertise in biomaterials & thermodynamics to lead and coordinate scientific projects from the design phase to completion.

This is an opportunity to use your skills in biotechnology, bioengineering and cell/material interactions at the forefront of a revolution in 3D cell modelling using a cutting-edge spheroid generation technology in a young, fast-growing and high-value company.


  • Ph.D. in biophysics or biomaterials, with knowledge of biomaterial sciences, millifluidics and thermodynamics and high versatility in technical skills
  • A previous experience with soft matters, biopolymers and/or liquid-solid phase transition will be highly appreciated
  • Knowledge of hepatic cells and/or 3D cell culture would be a plus
  • Highly motivated and proactive collaborator, with a culture of excellence and teamwork, analytical thinking, proven creativity and sharp problem-solving skills
  • As a company addressing international markets, French and English are mandatory

Expected skills

  • Essential scientific knowledge: physico-chemistry of biomaterials, thermodynamics and millifluidic
  • Appreciated knowledge: cell culture, liver cells, biochemistry, work in a sterile environment
  • Rigour and organisation, creativity, versatility, working spirit in a young and innovative company at the interface of several disciplines, being at the origin of innovative ideas and the implementation of new processes within the company
  • French and English-speaking skills for internal and external presentations on project results and advances
  • French and English writing skills for scientific project drafting and grant applications
  • Project management techniques (expression of needs, specifications, planning, etc.) and associated tools

 Main missions of the R&D engineer

  • Organize and conduct scientific and technological projects in the laboratory
  • Design, develop and implement new methodologies as part of its research
  • Identify and set-up suitable methods for the experimental realization of its scientific project
  • Produce, analyse, validate and interpret the experimental data
  • Critically analyse and check the consistency of experimental results with hypotheses
  • Identify and diagnose malfunctions and/or anomalies and propose relevant solutions to save time and costs
  • Ensure time monitoring of projects according to the predefined budget and schedule
  • Evaluate and mobilize the resources needed for the execution of research projects
  • Participate in the recruitment and supervision of interns
  • Participate in productions
  • Write activity reports in French and English

Salary: to be negotiated depending on profile

Application deadline: 15/04/2022

Elements to be provided for the application

You can send your CV, cover letter tracing your professional record and any recommendation letters to