Postdoctoral Position


Postdoctoral Position

Hepatocyte and Pancreatic cell 3D models development and validation for drug screening and therapeutics


Who is Cyprio?

Created in 2017, Cyprio is founded on ten years of research that makes Cyprio the
holder of a unique technology “BioPearl” for fabrication of cell spheroids as
predictive vivo-mimicking 3D cellular models. Our first product “HepatoPearl” has
been validated as an improved in vitro liver model for many applications, from
drug-drug interaction screening, chronic toxicity and metabolism of low clearance
compounds to disease modelling.

Cyprio is further developing new products to definitively change liver cell culture
biology approach towards more complex yet more relevant and robust, easier to
handle and HTS compatible spheroid based 3D models.


What we look for?

As a fast growing company, we are recruiting an outstanding Postdoctoral
Research Associate for Hepatocyte and Pancreatic cell 3D models development
and validation for drug screening and therapeutics.

The position involves working in a multidisciplinary team of experienced scientists
to outrank and replace existing 3D and traditional 2D cell culture models. Joining
means entering our highly challenging fields of interest: disease modelling, drug
discovery and development, organ regeneration and therapeutic alternatives.


Who we look for?

We are looking for a star cell culture biologist with a PhD in life sciences and over
3 years experience in the field of hepatology (disease modelling, toxicity,
regeneration, transplantation …). Post-doc experience is not mandatory. Expertise
in human pluripotent stem cell and pancreatic cell culture would be highly

Excellent publication record and strong scientific project and grant application
writing skills are highly expected.

As a young high-value company, we look for a highly motivated and proactive
collaborator featuring culture of excellence and team play, proven analytical and
creative thinking, sharp problem-solving capabilities.

As a company targeting the world, French and English are compulsory.

This is your opportunity to use your skills in liver, pancreatic and human pluripotent
stem cell culture at the forefront of a revolution in 3D cell modelling using a cutting
edge spheroid generation technology in a young fast-growing high-value

You can send your CV and cover letter tracing your professional record and two
recommendation letters to