BioPearl Technology

Every day, the need for more relevant and easy to use 3D cellular models increases. Physiologically relevant in vitro models provide a more comprehensive understanding of cellular mechanisms. In particular, 3D cellular models are expected to be more predictive of in vivo responses.
Our patented BioPearl technology produces 3D cellular models cultured within custom-made alginate capsules.
The key features of this process include the four M’s:

Maximum Cytocompatibility

Cells are kept surrounded by physiological media and are protected inside a semi-permeable, transparent alginate capsule.

Mild process

Minimal cell stress during encapsulation.

Minimum time, maximum yield

BioPearl technology has a high throughput with an average yield of over 1000 capsules/second.

Multiple types of cells can be encapsulated

The technology can easily be customized for different cell types.