Cyprio’s spheroid revolution
redefines the limits of
3D cell culture

Our Mission

We propose a physiologically relevant culture model, HepatoPearl, that predicts liver in vivo response with improved precision.
Easy to handle and adaptable to any bioassay, our system makes 3D Hepatocyte culture accessible to everyone.
Our liver mimicking spheroids, HepatoPearls, are designed:
•    to address fundamental questions in biological research
•    as a reliable tool for drug screening assays
•    to become a novel solution for therapeutical and biomedical applications
HepatoPearl - Cyprio

Cyprio’s 3D Cell Culture

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Comparable to In-Vivo

Spheroids recapitulate in vivo cell-cell interactions, 3D structure and functions.

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  • Adaptable to any lab
  • Customizable to any assay
  • Integrable to any workflow
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Spheroid protection & Ease of Handling

Elastic capsules protect spheroids against damage and offer easy handling.

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Long Standing Experiments

Over a month viability allows long experiments.

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High Throughput

  • Automation compatible
  • Time efficient
  • Optimized cell consumption
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Passive/Reactive Bio-System

Thin semi-permeable biocompatible hydrogel capsules allows for rapid molecular exchange with the cell micro-environment.


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