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Impulse response in the subcritical cylinder wake

impulse_cylinder_wakeConvective instability in inhomogeneous media: impulse response in the subcritical cylinder wake
C. Marais; R. Godoy-Diana; D. Barkley & J. E. Wesfreid.
Physics of Fluids, 23 (1): 014104 (2011).

Abstract: We study experimentally the impulse response of a cylinder wake below the critical Reynolds number of the Bénard-von Kármán instability. In this subcritical regime, a localized inhomogeneous region of convective instability exists which causes initial perturbations to be transiently amplified. The aim of this work is to quantify the evolution resulting from this convective instability using two-dimensional particle image velocimetry in a hydrodynamic tunnel experiment. read more »