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program Third meeting in Santiago

Program in pdf

Third Meeting in Santiago, ProCoMedia

Universidad de Chile, 

2-22 January 2014



Thursday 2 – Welcome/ Discussion on the past years

2pm – : Welcome / Introduction

F. Barra, A. Maurel : Discussions (news on EOT and Wood anomalies)

Friday 3 – Homogenization in periodic medium

10 am- : Extraordinary Optical/Acoustical Transmissions

A. Maurel & J.-F. Mercier : Homogenization and application to EOT

2 pm- : Presentations of the experiments

Olivier Richoux : possibility in the acoustical context

Abdel Ourir : Results with electromagnetic waves

Claudio Falcon: discussion: EOT for Water waves.


Week end 




Monday 6 – Dislocations: the case of ice ?

10 am : Discussion/ perspectives in collaboration with M. Montagnat

Fernando Lund & Agnes Maurel : dislocations in ice, the problem of the Green function.

2 pm – : Experiments

Nicolas Mujica : Possible experiment in ice, visit in Grenoble.

Tuesday 7 – Active works 😉 

10 am : 3 groups working on :

Homogenization and the problem of the array of squares (animator: J.F. Mercier)

Green function in hexagonal crystals (animator : F. Lund)

Effect of the disorder on resonant scatterers (animators: O. Richoux and A. Ourir)

2 pm : same groups

Wednesday 8 – The Wood anomalies and trapped modes in gratings 

10 am :

M.L. Cordero: recent calculations on the trapped modes in gratings

J.F.  Mercier and A. Maurel : our recent works on the Wood anomalies

V. Pagneux : The Wood anomalies with grating of point scatterers (contrast in the bulk modulus).

2 pm : Discussion and working group

Applying the formalisms used for the Wood anomalies to the case of trapped mode ?

Can we recover the trapped modes for grating with sound hard (Neumann) cylinders ?

Thursday 9 

10 am : Work in group

2 pm : Work in group

Friday 10 – Array of resonant scatterers  

10 am : State of the art on the experiments

O. Richoux: New results on the Helmholtz resonators

A. Ourir: Preliminary results on the resonant scatterers in EM

2 pm : Discussions on the links between acoustic and electromagnetic case

Discussion on the recent experiments (PRL) in acoustics. Extension to the EM case ?


Week end 




Monday 13– Experiments in water waves

10 am : Discussion on the post doc works

P. Petitjeans: Presentation of the experiments in Paris – G. Favraud and E. Monsalve

2 pm : Experiments in Santiago

C. Falcon


Tuesday 14 – Friday 17 – in Punta Arenas,

Tuesday 14 – Experiments in water waves

Arrival in Punta Arenas

4 pm- Open discussion on the experiments, possible connexion between Paris and Santiago.

Wednesday 15 – Experiments in water waves/ trapped modes

10 am : Discussion on possible experiments with water waves to observe the trapped modes by grating

V. Pagneux & P. Petitjeans: back on Pablo Cobelli’s thesis in Paris

2 pm :

M.L. Cordero: On the trapped mode problem in the context of water waves.

Thursday 16 – New experiments in electromagnetism

10 am:

A. Ourir: description of the 2 experiments : works of Z. Fellah and A. Akarid

2pm :

Open discussion : Similar experiments for water waves and acoustics

Friday 17 – Experiments in electromagnetism

10 am : Discussion on the possibility to perform EOT in a waveguide (more convenient for water waves)

2 pm : Free

Meeting Diner


Week end 

Visit Torres del Paine, return to Santiago



Monday 20 – Experiments in acoustics

10 am : Skype with the LAUM – Le Mans

S. Felix and Y. Auregan: new results on EOT in connexion with the planed experiments,

2 pm : State of the art on the experiments in acoustic

O. Richoux: Perspective on the Helmholtz resonators, 2 new experiments.

Tuesday 21 – 

Conclusion on the 3 past years.

Discussion on the perspectives of our collaboration.

Cocktail of Despedida 🙂