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Program 2nd Meeting in Santiago

2nd Meeting in Santiago, ProCoMedia

Universidad de Chile, 

2-17 January 2013



Thursday 2, Friday 3 – 

2pm – : Welcome / Introduction

F. Barra, A. Maurel

Presentation of the students. Visit of the experiments.


Week end 




Tuesday 8 – 

10am : Metamaterials I  

A. Maurel & A. Ourir : Layered structures, 1. Shifter for water waves (experiments in Paris with C. Palacios), 2. left- and right- handed materials.

2pm : Discussion and work : state of our works concerning guided waves.

Wednesday 9 – 

10am : Waveguides

S. Felix, J.F. Mercier & A. Maurel : Propagation in complex waveguides. Influence of the presence of scatterers, waveguides with varying cross section (boundary modes),  bending effect.

2pm  :  Works on the implementation of the boundary modes in 3D circular waveguides.

Thursday 10 – 

10am : Trapped mode near infinite periodic set of cylinders

M.L. Cordero & F. Barra

2pm : Discussion and numerical implementation of the propagation through a cylinder centered in a waveguide with periodic boundary condition.

Friday 11 – Finite size scatterers

10am : Propagation through point scatterers : Non linear effects 

J.F. Mercier (coll. Bruno Lombard LMA – France) and O. Richoux

2pm: Discussion on the study of the propagation through 2D ensemble of penetrable scatterers using modal approach (propagation in a waveguide).


Week end 



Monday 14 – 

10am : Experiments with electromagnetic waves 

Zine Eddine Djeffal

2pm : .Discussion/works on the experiments in the context of acoutic, electromagnetic and water waves.

Tuesday 15 – 

10am : Wood anomaly 

A. Schmessane

2pm : Discussion on the Wood anomaly. Possible experiments in the context of electromagnetic and acoustic waves. Numerical study for penetrable inclusion.

Wednesday 16 – 

10:00 :  Discussion: coordinate transformation and application to the propagation in waveguide with varying cross section and infinite/zero derivative

2pm – : Seminar

Propagation in granular media

David Espindola

Thursday 17 – 

10am : ENZ and MIZIM materials

A. Maurel & A. Ourir

2pm  : Departure