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Program Veigné


First Meeting in France, ProCoMedia


2-7 July 2013



Monday 2 – Trapped modes near cylinders: from Neumann to Dirichlet    

3pm – : 

Maria Luisa Cordero and Felipe Barra: New results on the determination of the trapped modes by a row of penetrable cylinders.



Tuesday 3 – EOT and Wood anomalies  

09:30 pm- : New results on the Wood anomalies, 

The non resonant Extraordinary Transmission of waves by sub-wavelength gratings 

Simon Felix, Agnes Maurel and Jean-François Mercier

2pm: Water wave experiments in Chile

Claudio Falcon

5pm: Free (visit of a cave)


Wednesday 4 – Interaction of elastic waves with dislocations

09:30 : 

Agnès Maurel: Presentation of the past works,

Fernando Lund: Recent results – renormalization, non linear aspects, extension to non isotropic materials

2pm – : RUS Experiments 

Nicolas Mujica


Thursday 5 – 

09:30 : Presentation of the experiments in electromagnetism

Abdelwaheb Ourir : Problems in the Wood experiments,

New experiments: 1. EOT measurements and 2. Periodic row of resonant scatterers

2pm : Waves in fluids 

Gael Favraud : Presentation of the experiments planed in PMMH, 1. EOT for Water waves and 2. Cloacking of a cylinder


Friday 6 – 

09:30- :

Olivier Richoux, Jean-François Mercier : New results on the solitons in the Helmholtz resonator experiments (Col. Bruno Lombard).

Felipe Barra: Wave dephasing


Conclusions of the meeting and perspectives for the forthcoming year