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Postdoc failure of adhesive interface (Laboratoire Navier)

We open a postdoctoral position for a researcher with an experimental background on adhesion/fracture at Laboratoire Navier (Marne-la-Vallée, France). The goal of the project is to investigate the failure behaviour of micro-patterned adhesive interface. The project is expected to start during the first semester 2023. 

For more information, see the attached file. Do not hesitate to contact us (
Best regards,
Gwendal Cumunel, Mathias Lebihain, and Julien Léopoldès


Postdoc liquid jet impingement on a horizontal surface (IEMN Lille)

Dear colleagues,

We have a funded postdoctoral position opening for a researcher with a physics of liquids / soft matter background in the FILMS team at the IEMN (Lille, France). The postdoc is expected to start during the first semester 2023. 

Goal of the postdoc project is to investigate the mechanisms occurring in the liquid jet impingement on a horizontal surface. The research work will be mainly  experimental and part of a wider project (ANR).

For more information, see the attached announcement and/or contact me for more details ( Candidatures  through:

Please do not hesitate to share with your students or with colleagues.

Best regards,

Alexis Duchesne and Farzam Zoueshtiagh

PS: We expect to have fun within this project!


Postdoc on crack propagation in anisotropic and heterogeneous materials (ENSTA Paris)

A post-doctoral or research engineer position is open in my group at ENSTA Paris (Palaiseau, France). The topic is about crack propagation in anisotropic and heterogeneous materials. It aims to use additive manufacturing as a way to design materials with controlled microstructure.

Available funding can cover up to 45 months. The start date is flexible but preferably in January 2023. European citizenship is required.

Additional details on the project and position can be found here :

Veronique Lazarus


Postdoc, Laboratoire ISTERRE Grenoble

Pour la fin du projet ANR e-WARNINGS*, nous cherchons un post-doc d’une duré de 18 mois avec un profil traitement du signal, sismologie et/ou sciences des matériaux.

*Early detection of fatigue and intermittent failure using full-field approved Acoustic Emission multiplets
(Détection précoce de la rupture par fatigue ou intermittente via les multiplets acoustiques validés en champ complet)

Suite à la mise en évidence de la détection de signaux d’émission acoustique spécifiques de la propagation de fissures par fatigue (multiplets), dans différents matériaux métalliques, le post doc aura pour but de développer de nouvelles méthodes et algorithmes de détection de ces multiplets, en particulier pour des situations de type industriel caractérisées par des rapports signal/bruit non optimisés et des histoires de chargement plus irrégulières.

Le post-doc se déroulera au Laboratoire ISTERRE Grenoble avec Jérôme Weiss, en collaboration avec la société Mistras Group et Mateis.


postdoc fluid-induced instabilities of multistable structures (Aarhus university)

Are you interested in elastic instabilities, slender structures, and fluid-structure interactions at low Reynolds numbers? Do you want to develop the next generation of passive control valves in smart fluidic channels? Then the Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering invites you to apply for a 2-year postdoc position.


Postdoc on numerical simulation of heated smoke vortices in the stratosphere, LMD, Ecole Polytechnique

Vous pouvez trouver en PJ une offre de post-doc financée par une ANR (PI Bernard Legras, LMD). Nous sommes à la recherche d’un candidat ayant une bonne base de mécanique de fluides. Je vous serais très reconnaissante de diffuser cette offre aussi largement que possible.
Angela Limare

Angela Limare
Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris
1 rue Jussieu, bureau 452
75238 Paris cedex 05
tel: +33 1 83 95 74 21


Postdoc Single-charge nanofluidics (ESPCI, Paris)

I have an opening for a postdoctoral positon to investigate solid/liquid interfaces at the single-charge scale using single-molecule microscopy techniques.

Details on the project and position can be found here :

Our group is based in the Soft Matter and Engineering Laboratory at ESPCI, Paris, France.

Jean Comtet


Postdoc Red blood cell deformability – MSC Paris

A post-doctoral position is available at the Laboratory ‘Matière et Systèmes Complexes’ (MSC), Paris, France ( to work on an innovative, cross-disciplinary project combining materials science, biology and clinical research. 

The project, funded by the IdEx Université Paris Cité, will be carried out in collaboration with the ‘Biologie Intégrée du Globule Rouge’ Laboratory (BIGR, INSERM) and the Necker Hospital.

The motivated candidate will conduct a comparative study of healthy red blood cells with intracellular nanorheology, an innovative technique recently developed at MSC, and ektacytometry, a reference technique for the diagnosis of red blood cell deformability (BIGR). This study will be followed by a clinical study on blood samples from sickle cell patients. We will investigate the relevance of intracellular nanorheology to facilitate patient monitoring for blood diseases affecting cell stiffness. 

You can find more details about the project and the application here:

The initial appointment is for 10 months starting October 1, 2022, as soon as possible, with the possibility of renewal for an additional 9 months.

We look forward to receiving your CV and cover letter (max. 1 page) and two reference contacts. Please send them by e-mail to Dr. B. Abou and mention the reference « Red Blood Cell Sinay ». 


Postdoc Study of interfacial adhesion in multilayer polymer films – PIMM / d’Alembert

The main goal of the project is to develop a clever mechanical test allowing to quantify the interfacial adhesion for films having up to several thousand layers.

This experimental project will be done in collaboration between the PIMM institute (ENSAM, Paris 75013) and d’Alembert Institute for Mechanics  (Sorbonne Université, Paris 75005)

The project is funded for 12 months, starting in November-December 2022. 

Salary: about 2600€ net/month


Postdoc Biosourced epoxy foams for thermal and elasto‐acoustic insulation – ICMPE

We seek a post‐doctoral fellow with an interest for methodological developments with the application to real engineering materials. Background knowledge in imaging techniques, image analysis, numerical methods (including numerical homogenization) are required. Programming skills would also be appreciated. Applications (cover letter, electronic copy of PhD thesis and all publications, at least two referees) should be sent to A. Rios.

Camille Perrot,
Augustín Ríos, agustin.rios‐de‐anda@u‐

Institut de Chimie et des Matériaux Paris Est (ICMPE)
Laboratoire Modélisation et Simulation Multi‐Échelle (MSME)
Laboratoire Navier