Postdoc liquid jet impingement on a horizontal surface (IEMN Lille)

Dear colleagues,

We have a funded postdoctoral position opening for a researcher with a physics of liquids / soft matter background in the FILMS team at the IEMN (Lille, France). The postdoc is expected to start during the first semester 2023. 

Goal of the postdoc project is to investigate the mechanisms occurring in the liquid jet impingement on a horizontal surface. The research work will be mainly  experimental and part of a wider project (ANR).

For more information, see the attached announcement and/or contact me for more details ( Candidatures  through:

Please do not hesitate to share with your students or with colleagues.

Best regards,

Alexis Duchesne and Farzam Zoueshtiagh

PS: We expect to have fun within this project!

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