Two junior faculty positions in Mechanical Engineering (EPFL Lausanne)

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to inform you that we have two open faculty positions at EPFL’s School of Engineering, one in BioMechanics and one in Sustainable Manufacturing. These positions target applicants at the level of tenure-track Assistant Professor. You can find more information on the following link (or the attached flyer):

For the position in Sustainable Manufacturing, we seek applicants who will broadly address the engineering challenges related to developing intelligent manufacturing systems while attending to the multiple facets of sustainability. 

For the position in Biomechanics, we seek applicants with a mechanics background who will address research challenges related to developing theoretical and computational models to investigate, and potentially control or design, biological materials and systems.

Could you please circulate this announcement as widely as you see fit? If you know potential top-level candidates for this position, I would be most grateful if you could encourage them to apply and/or let me know.

Best regards,
Pedro M. Reis
Professor, Institute Director
fleXLab: Flexible Structures LaboratoryInstitute of Mechanical Engineering
EPFL, Switzerland  

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