Jean Comtet

Research Associate at CNRS (Chargé de recherche CNRS)
Laboratory for Soft Matter Science and Engineering
ESPCI, Paris


I am an experimental physicist, working as a CNRS researcher at ESPCI, Paris, France and based in SIMM Laboratory (Laboratory for Soft Matter Science and Engineering).

My research focuses on the physical, physicochemical and dynamic properties of interfaces and materials, and is characterized by interdisciplinary approaches, at the crossroad of soft matter, physics, mechanics, optics and nanosciences.

In particular, I use and develop innovative experiments, based on mechanical or optical techniques (Atomic Force Microscopy, Surface Force Apparatus, Super-Resolution and Single-Molecule microscopy, Mechanophore Optical Probes…), to investigate the properties of interfaces and materials at the nanometric and molecular scales.

Probing these ultimate scales allows me to reveal specific and original behaviors (nanorheology of ionic liquids in confinement, liquid-like behavior of subnanometric gold junction, proton surface transport at the single molecule scale…) as well as rationalize the behaviors of macroscopic heterogeneous materials (role of contact forces in shear-thickening suspension rheology, nano-rheology of the interfacial liquid film when sliding on ice, role of molecular chain damage in macroscopic elastomeric network mechanics…).

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