Post-doctoral Researcher

Menghua Zhao, PostDoc (from February 2023)

Zouhir Benrahla. ATER (from December 2022)




PhD Students

Ombeline Taisne. PhD Student, Started Oct. 2021, Co-Advised with Costantino Creton.
“Quantitative understanding of filled elastomer wear using mecanophore”




Malo Velay. PhD Student, Started in Oct. 2022.
“MolecularScope: Single Polymer Dynamics at Solid/Liquid Interfaces”




Ghuilhem Mariette. PhD student. Started in Oct. 2023.
“Ionic Nano-Rheology at Solid/Electrolyte Interfaces”





Arthur Fruh. M2 intern (April – June 2024)
“Nanoscale friction in cement-like suspensions”

Tristan Saide. L3 intern (June – July 2024)
“Liquid triboelectrification”

Past Members

Louis Burnaz. L3 intern (June-July 2023)
“Liquid triboelectrification”

Ghuilhem Mariette. M2 intern (March-July 2023)
“Nanoscale Solid Friction in Confined Aqueous Systems: an Application to Cement-like Rheology”

Noémie Muquet. M2 intern (April-June 2023)
“Nanomechanics of confined liquids”

Amaury Marchon. L3 ENS, June-July 2022.
“Liquid triboelectrification by sliding droplets”

Saioul Ngoun. ESPCI 3A, May-July 2022.
“Single-charge dynamics at solid/liquid interfaces”

Fairouz Bouterfas. M2 Sorbonne University, February-July 2022.
“Single-Polymer Dynamics at Flowing Interfaces”

Hamdy El Hosary. (Research Assistant, Fall 2021, with Emilie Verneuil)
“Stability and Dynamics of Ultra-Thin Liquid Films”

Côme Du Boullay (M2 Internship, Spring 2021, with Costantino Creton)
“Quantitative detection of damage by frictional wear in elastomers”