Ecole d’été internationale PHASME 2016

Le GDR a participé activement (et financièrement) à l’organisation de l’école d’été internationale PHASME 2016 dont le but est de donner une formation générale de mécanique des solides, à l’interface entre les approches Physique et Mécanique.


  • Mokhtar Adda-Bedia (ENS-Paris, France) : « Dynamics of fracture and fragmentation »
  • José Bico (ESPCI-ParisTech, France) : « Slender materials »
  • Elisabeth Bouchaud (ESPCI-ParisTech, France) : « Fracture of disordered materials »
  • Yves Brechet (Institut polytechnique de Grenoble, France) : « Architectured Materials »
  • Costantino Creton (ESPCI ParisTech, France) : « Adhesion & fracture of soft viscoelastic materials »
  • Michaela Eder to be confirmed (Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Germany) : « Biomaterials »
  • Chung-Yuen Hui (Cornell University, USA) : « Brittle fracture of in hard and soft elastic materials »
  • Djimedo Kondo (UPMC, France) : « Plasticity, damage and ductile failure »
  • Pedro Reis (MIT, USA) : « Basics of continuum mechanics for solids»
  • Frédéric Restagno (Univ. Paris Sud, France) : « Friction and lubrication »
  • Mark Robbins (John Hopkins, USA) : « Overview on atomistic methods and applications to friction »
  • Stephane Roux (ENS-Cachan, France) : « Mechanical insights from digital image correlation »
  • Michael Rubinstein (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA) : « Polymer physics »
  • Eran Sharon (The Hebrew Universtity of Jerusalem, Israel) : « Active solids: swelling and growth »
  • Martin Van Hecke (AMOLF/Leiden, Netherlands) : ” mechanical meta-materials ”
  • Thomas Witten (University of Chicago, USA) : « Crumpling and origami »
  • Matthieu Wyart (EPFL, Switzerland) : « Amorphous materials & non-equilibrium behaviour »

Où et Quand

à l’Institut d’Etude scientifique de Cargese, du 8 au 20 aout 2016.

ATTENTION : pré-inscription AVANT le 30 mars 2016




Annonce (de 2016)

We are pleased to announce that the International Summer School on Physics and Mechanics of Soft Complex Materials (PHASME, August 8-20, 2016, Cargese, France) is now open for application.
This 10-day school aims at the formation of students and researchers with a double culture in physics and mechanics. It covers a variety of modern topics ranging from material failure, non-linear mechanics and instabilities, to complex and network materials. The courses are designed for a wide audience starting from the beginner level and finishing with high-end tools directly related to state-of-the-art research.

Leading international experts will present the latest results on both theoretical and methodological aspects relevant to Soft Complex Materials, with a special emphasis on intercultural perspective. Interventions of professionals from the industry are foreseen to complement this scientific core and to emphasize the proximity of these topics with real-world questions. Poster sessions will provide a natural interface between students and teachers.
Cargese is a small village on the shore in Corsica, the so-called the “Island of beauty”, and the conference center is a short walk away from the beach, allowing to interlace classes and relax time. It is thus the perfect place to learn and debate in a stress-free environment.