Winter Aspen Conference on Active Matter in Complex Environments (2-6 Jan 2023)

Active matter is a prominent area of research in soft matter and biological physics: it gives us the opportunity to learn new physics (active materials are out of equilibrium), engineer new materials (e.g., « intelligent » responsive materials), and understand more about biology (e.g., cells, migratory animals, and even subcellular motor proteins are active materials). While a tremendous amount of work has focused on the physics of active matter in bulk/unconfined environments, recent work is starting to demonstrate the rich physics associated with active matter in complex environments characterized by tortuosity, confinement, and complex interactions. This Aspen Winter Conference will focus on this new direction in active matter research at the interface of soft matter physics, statistical and nonlinear physics, biology, and engineering.  

This Conference will bring together a diverse group of leading theorists and experimentalists to discuss (1) Fundamentals, (2) Collective behaviors, (3) Interactions with complex fluids, (4) Biological active matter, (5) Synthetic active matter/assemblies. Our ultimate goal is to foster new collaborations, clarify unifying/open questions for future research to address, and brainstorm new directions for the field that cut across physics, biology, materials, engineering, and other disciplines. 

The workshop will be in-person, over five days spanning January 2-6, 2023 (the last day will be a half day).  We are putting together the agenda to have extensive Q&A and discussion sessions as well as recreational breaks each day.  There will also be a welcome reception on the evening of Sunday January 1.  We are currently fundraising with the intention of being able to help offset some costs associated with meeting registration, housing, and travel. 

To register, click the « Apply now » link here; the registration deadline is at the end of the month. 

Sujit Datta, Cynthia Olson Reichhardt, Paulo Arratia and Moumita Das

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