June 2020    Gradually returning to the lab, hopefully for good !
May 2020    Shreyansh’s paper  has been published. Congrats Shreyansh !
March 2020    Working from home due to the Covid-19 lock-down in France
January 2020    Our joint paper with Ada Cavalcanti-Adam  has been accepted on January 2nd. Happy New Year!
December 2019    Many thanks to Shuji Ishihara for his kind hospitality at the University of Tokyo.
July 2019     Glad to be back to KITP, UCSB, for an exciting programme on animal and plant morphogenesis. As usual most lectures will be recorded and posted online
July 2019     Grégoire’s paper on “Sustained oscillations in epithelial cell sheets” has just been published in Biophysical Journal (link).

June 2019     I presented our work on mechanical  cell competition at a CECAM active matter workshop in Lincoln, UK.