postdoc « Elastic instabilities in rubber materials during extrusion » (ENS-Lyon/UParis/Michelin)


Dear colleagues,Applications are invited for a 1-yr postdoctoral position on “Elastic instabilities in rubber materials during extrusion” starting in October 2020.
The postdoc will be co-supervised by Sébastien Manneville (ENS Lyon, France), Sandra Lerouge (University, France), and Marie Rebouah (Michelin R&D, Clermont-Ferrand).
The goal of the postdoc project is to quantitatively characterize flow instabilities during the extrusion of tyre tread materials in a non-invasive manner using ultrasound. 
We are seeking candidates with less than two years of postdoctoral experience and trained in polymeric materials, fluid mechanics, rheology, and/or instrumentation.
Please see attached announcement for more details.
Sébastien Manneville, Sandra Lerouge & Marie Rebouah

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