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Upcoming seminars:
LMS seminars will recommence in fall 2020.

YouTube channel entitled « LMS Seminars« :
The recording of a seminar will be uploaded on this channel within a few days after the seminar is held.
Below are the links to the previously recorded seminars:

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Since April 2020, we have been live telecasting our weekly seminars. Up-to-date information on all seminars (including abstract and biography of the speaker) and links to join them can be found in our publicly shared google calendar:

Twitter account:@LmsSeminars

You can also follow the lms seminars via our Twitter account:@LmsSeminars (
We will regularly post updates of our seminars, links to the live telecast and links to the YouTube videos of past seminars via this handle.

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  • If you are subscribed to any of our lms mailing lists, then your subscription will be automatically transferred to our new seminar mailing list.
  • If you or your colleagues would like to subscribe to our seminar mailing list, then please 
    send an email to with the text « Subscription to the LMS seminar mailing list ».

Organised by
Manas V. Upadhyay
Assistant Professor

Solid Mechanics Laboratory (LMS)
Department of Mechanics, Ecole Polytechnique
Route de Saclay
91128 Palaiseau Cedex

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