Young Postdoc Position, LMS Ecole Polytechnique on nanocoatings

Please find attached a young postdoc announcement on the « Theoretical and experimental study of polymer nanocoatings for prefilled syringes ». The position is addressed to recent PhD graduates (future PhD holders or candidates with less than a year from their PhD defense).

The postdoc will be pursued in the Solid Mechanics Laboratory of Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, France in collaboration with BD Medical Pharmaceutical Systems (Grenoble, France). The potential candidate will work on the development of new experimental procedures and theoretical models to understand the formation and mechanical response of thin polymer films over soft polymer substrates. The PhD involves strong experimental and theoretical contributions in the field of coupled diffusion and mechanics. 

Students with strong interest in solid mechanics and particularly in coupled problems as well as strong background in mechanics, soft-matter physics, mechanical engineering or any closely related field are strongly encouraged to apply by contacting Prof. Kostas Danas ( and Prof. Michel Jabbour ( 

For more information on the subject, the funding and the requested doscuments please see the attached detailed pdf.

The interested candidates should contact

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