International Conference on Nonlinear Localization in Lattices – Spetses Island (18-22 June 2018)

Subject: Update- International Conference on Nonlinear Localization in Lattices (NLL -2018) , Spetses Island-18-22 June 2018

Dear Colleagues

With this message we are pleased to announce the organization of the International Conference « Nonlinear Localization in Lattices » that will take place in the island of Spetses in Greece during 18-22 June 2018.

The conference marks the 30-year anniversary of the pioneering paper of Sievers and Takeno of 1988 that started an intense theoretical and experimental activity in Intrinsic Localized Modes or Discrete Breathers in nonlinear lattice systems. The intention is to both celebrate the glorious past of intrinsic localization and look into the present and future of nonlinear and complex phenomena in extended systems and their applications.

In addition to covering topics related to classical and quantum nonlinear localization, such as statistical and dynamical properties, thermalization of nonlinear lattices, Fermi-Pasta-Ulam dynamics, applications of nonlinear localization and related phenomena in materials, biological systems, optical systems and metamaterials, many body effects, self-organization in nonlinear lattices and other relevant topics we also intend to link the area with other growing fields. Specifically we plan to have focused sessions on non-Hermitian phenomena wave phenomena and applications in optical and materials science. Additionally, due to the growing interest in machine learning applications in physics we will interface with recent work in the area that is in contact with the general theme of the meeting. We welcome contributions from all these areas and fields.

The conference webpage is

. Please follow the updated information and plan early your trip to Greece since the summer of 2018 is expected to be a busy year for tourism in Greece.
Spetses is a small, quaint island island off the coast of Peloponnese and off the main tourist attraction loop that may be reached either from the port of Athens by fast boats or by land and a short sea crossing.
The conference will take place in the Anrgyreios-Korgialeneios School of Spetses (AKSS) with comfortable facilities in a unique location next to the sea and close to the main island town.

Please register now through the conference web page and arrange for your trip.There is accommodation in the premises or in nearby hotels. Please make reservations through our web page and/or contact us if you have questions or need assistance.
It is best if you do your reservation before March 9, 2018, especially if you are planning to stay in the premises of AKSS.

Interested scientists are invited to apply by completing the online NLL registration form, which is available at:, until 30/03/2018.

Please note that we anticipate having some funding to be used towards covering local expenses of students & young scientists.

Our email database is being continuously updated. Please inform us if you wish to be added (if you did not received the announcement directly) or wish to be removed from the list.
Looking forward to seeing you in Spetses for a celebration of 30 years of nonlinear localization in discrete systems!

On behalf of the International Organizing Committee

G. Tsironis

International Organizing Committee:
David Campbell, Sergej Flach, Yuri Kivshar, Konstantinos Makris, George Tsironis, Alexey Ustinov

For more information on the organization of the Conference please communicate with:

Mrs Froso Kasotaki

CCQCN Operations Specialist
Department of Physics, Univ. Crete,
Voutes Campus,
Heraklion 71003, Greece
Tel 30-2810 394262
FAX 30-2810 394301

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