Open positions

I take a special care to answer in the shortest possible delays (max: 3 days, in the rush times)​

Collective motions in complex environments
There is no open position for now. However, motivated students or postdoc are the most welcomed to apply. I am always very enthusiastic for MSCA applications and applicants are encouraged to contact me before August.

Industrial collaborations:
I have an experience in working in non-academic R&D environments. I am very happy to collaborate with non-academic partners. ​

Artistic projects
I am very open-minded to artistic collaborations so feel free to send me an e-mail. ​

Communication projectsI am always enthusiastic about communicating and disseminating to a wider public. Again feel free to contact me if you have an initiatives you would like to start. 

Non-exhaustive lists of Grants for applicants
Doctoral school grant PIF (PhD applicant ED 564 : Physique en Ile-de-France)
Chateaubriand Fellowship (for US PhD applicants)
Raman-Charpak Fellowship (for Indian PhD applicants)
Marie-Curie Fellowship
Ostrogradski fellowship (Short term visit, for Russian PhD students, program )
Vernadski fellowship (for Russian PhD applicant, co-tutelle) 
Canon Fellowship (Post-doctoral grants for Japanese applicants)
Axa Future Research leader fellowship (Post-doctoral fellowship)
CNES Post-doctoral fellowship
Eiffel Excellence Scholarship (for non-French PhD students)​​​​​​​​​​